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Date: January 16th, 2011

MAC – Siahi Fludline from the MAC + Mickey Contractor Collection: Swatches and Review

Hi guys! One of the most anticipated products from MAC’s Mickey Contractor Collection surely are the two Fluidlines Ivy and Siahi. Ivy didn’t tempt me much because I personally only would use it as a base and I thought I …

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Date: July 13th, 2010

MAC: In The Groove – Band Of Roses MB and By Candlelight MSF

Hi everyone! One of my (many) makeup weaknesses are cheek products. I just love an can’t get enough of them! With their In The Groove collection MAC has released some great cheek products and so of course I had to …

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Date: July 10th, 2010

Comparison: MAC Ever Hip, Jazzed and Dressmaker Dressmaker lipsticks

Hi everyone! About a year ago or even more than a year ago I started my lipstick and lipglass no-buy. It went perfectly. MAC released new pretty lipsticks and lipglasses every couple of weeks but I stayed strong. They didn’t …

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Date: November 8th, 2009

MAC – Magic, Mirth, Mischief – Mineralized Blushes

Oh Superdupernatural and Conjure Up how beautiful you both are! This year my wishlist for MAC’s holiday collections is quite small. The only two items I was eyeing were the two Mineralized Blushes. Not that I am not intrigued by …

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