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Date: March 28th, 2012

Catrice – Fred Said Red (690) nail polish: Swatches, Photos and Review

Jellies are one of my favorite nail polish finish and I was beyond happy to see a new orange red jelly in the new Catrice Spring/Summer 2012 assortment called Fred Said Red (690). I adore jellies so much but still …

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Date: March 4th, 2012

Catrice – Heavy Metallilac (800) from their Spring/Summer 2012 assortment: Swatches, Photos and Review

Next to Essence also Catrice released their Spring/Summer assortment in the last weeks. Both Essence and Catrice belong to the same parent company Cosnova and update parts of their assortment twice a year. I picked three new Catrice nail polishes …

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Date: February 16th, 2012

Comparison: Catrice – 840 Genius In The Bottle, Chanel – 531 Peridot, Douglas Absolute Nails – Fireworks and Sephora – Diving In Malaysia. Dupe or no dupe?

Chanel 531 Peridot was one of the most anticipated and popular nail polishes in 2011 when I look back and the question if there is a dupe or not existed ever since. Lately two nail polishes have been released in …

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Date: August 21st, 2011

Catrice – Out of Space nail polishes: Swatches and Review

Not too long ago Catrice was the “mouse” of German drugstore brands. Their range was dominated by your standard drugstore makeup variety: nudes, reds, pinks and maybe even browns. But then about a year ago Cosnova – the mother company …

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Date: June 1st, 2011

Catrice – Papagena collection nail polishes: Nail wheel Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! Yesterday I found the display of the Papagena collection from Catrice and I couldn’t resist and bought all four nail polishes. Two weeks ago I finally took the plunge and ordered nail wheels and I am so glad …

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