Date: January 5th, 2010

KOTD: Hello Kitty Kitty!

Meow! 😀

I want to make a MAC’s Love Lace collection inspired manicure soon so I thought “Hmm.. what about MAC collection inspired manicures in general?”. The first collection that came to my mind was last years Hello Kitty collection because I just loved the black packaging with white and pink graphics.

Luckily I got my paws on the Fauxnad image plate with the Hello Kitty head and bow shaped rhinestones so I could realize this idea of the Hello Kitty manicure today. :)

First I was unsure about if I want to use a shimmery or creme black nail polish as a base or a grey or silver nail polish for the darker stamping. But then based on the MAC packaging for the collection I skipped the shimmer and sticked to the cremes.


In crappy, crappy daylight that caused a blurry picture :(

KOTD: Hello Kitty Kitty!

base color: p2 – eternal (210), one coat
darker swirls: Konad m69 with MAC – On The Prowl
bright swirls: Konad m69 with Konad – Special Nail Polish white
Hello Kitty head: Fauxnad A02 with Konad – Special Nail Polish white
white/clear bow shaped rhinestones
pink round rhinestones


KOTD: Hello Kitty Kitty!


In halogen lighting

KOTD: Hello Kitty Kitty!


KOTD: Hello Kitty Kitty!

I love how this turned out. It was the right decision to use cremes instead of shimmery nail or special polishes. However I was really unpleased with the black nail polish I used as a base color. I love all my other p2 nail polishes but this one is gloopy horror! :(

The pink round rhinestones and the white/clear bow shaped rhinestones are included in my giveaway.

What do you think about the idea to make more MAC collection inspired konadicures? Now that I got my paws on the Light Affair nail polish I can make the Love Lace inspired manicure that I have in my head soon but I am thinking about which other collections would be a great inspiration for future manicures. :)

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45 thoughts on “KOTD: Hello Kitty Kitty!

  1. OMG I love this! How creative!! I just got my Born Pretty HK plate and I just used it for the first time. I’m sure I’ll be using it often! This mani is so awesome! =)

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