Date: April 11th, 2009

I lost my pigment pressing virginity!

It was about time. Most of my Pigments are often neglected so I thought it is a good idea to press them and put them in palettes. I pressed 15 Pigments in the last days altogether and if you are wondering where the imprint is coming from:

I didn’t had a matching coin at hand so I looked around if there is anything else that could work too and I found this reusable cork from a Sandeman Sherry bottle. 😀

Now to the pressed Pigments:

Your Ladyship, Provence, Blonde’s Gold, Tea Time, Sweet Sienna
Lark About, Mutiny, Bell Bottom Blue, Lovely Lily, Milk
Pastorale, Spiritualize, Deep Blue Green, Rose, Acid Orange

All in a tad of sunlight:

Your Ladyship

Blonde’s Gold
Tea Time
Sweet Sienna
Lark About
Bell Bottom Blue
Lovely Lily
(already used)
Deep Blue Green
Acid Orange
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