Date: April 20th, 2009

Colored bases in tubes like MAC Paints

Colored bases make me weak! In my traincase I have a few cream eyeshadows from bloom (6,5 g) and NIVEA (7 ml) that remind me of MAC’s Paints. Unfortunately the NIVEA Creamy Metal Eyeshadows will be discontinued soon and the ones from bloom are hard to get here in Europe.

NIVEA Creamy Metal Eyeshadows – 01 Silver White, 03 Chromic Lilac, 04 Metallic Rose, 08 Rusty Brown, 06 Soft Gold
bloom Eye Paints – Rose, Chocolate

In direct sunlight

The texture reminds me a lot of the texture of MAC’s Paints. The smoothest of them are NIVEA’s 08 Rusty Brown and Chocolate from bloom. All of them also dry to a dry finish like the Paints.

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