Date: January 19th, 2010

Comparison: China Glaze – Light As Air & Agent Lavender & MAC – Light Affair

China Glaze’s Up&Away collection was launched about a week ago and one of the surely most popular shades is Light As Air. Light As Air is a stunning muted lavender more on the warmer side and one of the most asked questions about Light As Air is how close it is to Agent Lavender.

Because the sky was kind enough to allow my camera to take decent pictures I compared Light As Air to Agent Lavender and also to MAC’s Light Affair nail polish from the Love Lace collection. :)


Pointer: China Glaze – Agent Lavender, two coats
Middle: China Glaze – Light As Air, two coats
Ring: MAC – Light Affair, three coats
Pinkie: China Glaze – Light As Air, two coats


From the left to the right
Agent Lavender, Light As Air, Light Affair, Light As Air


Have you purchased Light As Air yet and are you a lavender addict like I am, too? 😀

Light As Air was provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR Company for consideration. Please visit my About tab for more information.

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16 thoughts on “Comparison: China Glaze – Light As Air & Agent Lavender & MAC – Light Affair

  1. Krystal Leigh on said:

    I have been wanting to seed a comparison of Agent Lavender and Light as air for forever! I think I can justify having both, Thanks! :)

  2. Thank you Apriltini! You could always put a coat of a CND effects nail polish over it to change it from a creme to a pearly, shimmery or sparkly finish. :)

    Yes Agent Lavender is a stunner and so is Light As Air, MissMarlboro. :) *sigh* I love colors like those!

  3. Apriltini on said:

    Love the comparison pic. :)

    I like Light As Air, but was wondering if there’s a similar color out there that’s slightly dusty lavender with shimmer? I’m really not a fan of cremes, though this one is tempting me. Thanks :)

  4. Love it! Do you know how it compares to Essie St Lucia Lilac? I love Light as Air, but I want to make sure I don’t get it if I already have a dupe :-)

  5. I bought the mac one and I’ll be getting the light as air one. They are nothing alike. Thanks for the swatches they were really useful

  6. Thanks so much for the comparison! I have Agent Lavender and it’s one of my favorite colors in my stash. I bought Light As Air yesterday :) It looks gorgeous. I love pastels.

  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this, thank you for this post! I have Agent Lavender and Light as Air and I was hoping to see them side by side on my own nails soon but pfft – no need since I can see them here!!!

    • Oh no Light Affair was already sold out? :(
      It was quickly sold out here too but the stock here is so limited that with maybe 5-10 per product everything is sold out quickly. :(

      I adore colors like these too. There is no such things as enough lavender or muted lavender. ♥

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