Date: February 8th, 2010

Focus on: p2 nail polishes
glory (247), dangerous (249), fancy (190), rich (248)

Round two of my p2 nail polish swatches! :)

After the three lavender and purple nail polishes I’d love to show you the olive, teal, blue and dark burgundy part of my little p2 stash today.


p2 – glory (247)

three (thin) coats

Glory is a shimmery nail polish between olive green and antique gold. The formula is great and it is opaque between two regular or three thin coats.
When I konad-ified my 212-Sephora manicure I used Glory for a subtle stamping. Glory is one of the p2 nail polishes that is great for stamping over a dark base color. However more for a subtle stamping because its not opaque enough to cover the base color completely. It should look stunning stamped over China Glaze’s Wagon Trail.




p2 – dangerous (249)

two coats

Love this! Dangerous is a gorgeous dark teal creme. Its one of my favorite nail polishes from p2 and also one of their most opaque ones. There is nothing much left to say about this nail polish besides that its gorgeous and the application was great. 😀




p2 – fancy (190)

three coats

Oh how much I was craving the blue nail polish from Lancôme’s Indigo collection. But I couldn’t justify spending 20 Euros for one nail polish at that time so I skipped it. But when I saw p2’s Fancy at my local drugstore I thought that it should be close enough to stop my cravings for Indigo Paris from Lancôme.
Fancy looks a tad lighter and less royal blue (a tad more teal?) than Indigo Paris.
You can see a few brushstrokes but that could be due to my rushed application because the daylight was going away and I had to hurry. :(




p2 – rich (248)

three coats

Dark burgundy with multi-colored shimmer and glitter flecks? Yes please!
There is nothing much else to say about this nail polish other than it is pretty unique (at least in my stash so far) and gorgeous. 😀
The application was great too.



How do you like the look of these nail polishes? I feel bad about that I tend to neglect my local drugstore nail polishes when I look at these pictures. 😀

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16 thoughts on “Focus on: p2 nail polishes
glory (247), dangerous (249), fancy (190), rich (248)

  1. Kate & Zena on said:

    Ouch! Have you ever ordered OPI’s off of It’s so much cheaper. I don’t know what the international shipping price is, but I paid about $9 for shipping 13 or so bottles of nail polish.

  2. Yes Dangerous reminds me of the swatches I have seen of Muse. :)
    I’d love to get my hands on a few Illamasqua nail polishes. I am sorry that your top coat bubbled. :(

    Yes its all so expensive here. Chanel nail polishes are 22 Euros but the most shocking thing is that OPI nail polishes sold in perfumeries are 16 Euros here. Sixteen! They got to be kidding. I have never bought a OPI nail polish here in Germany.. and never will.

  3. Kate & Zena on said:

    Dangerous looks a lot like Illamasqua’s Muse but a shade or two darker. I haven’t dug into Muse (yep, it’s still a virgin bottle) yet so I can’t compare to your internet photos. Honestly, I’m still feeling the Rampage. Two days and still not one chip or signs of tip wear. My top coat bubbled on me though (gr, not happy).

    I think my favorite polish of those is Dangerous or Fancy.

    Whoa, Lancome polishes are 20 Euros? That’s more expensive than how much it is here in the states after you make the conversion from Euros to USD ($27 compared to $18). Ouchies. I’m still trying to convince myself to buy a Chanel. $23 is steep for a polish.

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