Date: February 4th, 2010

KOTD: Royal Olive

When I finally got my hands on Sephora by OPI’s 212 I knew with which nail polish I’d like to try a konadicure: p2’s Glory (247). Glory is in the same color family – it is just lighter.
Because Glory isn’t a one coater I knew that the stamping would be subtle but I love subtle stampings.

Something about 212 and Glory make me think.. royal. Like the colors of clothes you would wear on a royal hunting trip? If that makes sense. 😀
The perfect full nail motif for this look is the plaid pattern on Konad’s m64.

This manicure was a rush job so the pattern and rhinestone are not perfectly aligned but I love how this subtle stamping looks. On my ring finger I first just wanted to stamp the crown from Konad’s m40 image plate but because my nailbeds are pretty narrow I had no idea how to place it properly. Then I thought.. why not stamping two crowns to create a new shape? :)


Sephora by OPI – 212-Sephora, three coats
Konad m64 with p2 – Glory (247)
Konad m40 with China Glaze – Passion
square shaped yellow/gold rhinestone



On Tuesday I ordered my first Color Club nail polishes and I am looking forward to play with them. Please.. dear mail.. hurry up! 😀
Do you love Color Club and if yes which nail polishes are your favorites?

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14 thoughts on “KOTD: Royal Olive

  1. I love your Konad manicures! I’m talking EVERY one of them! You make them look so easy… I have such a hard time committing to a design and color combinations! I think half of my time is spent staring at my boxes of polish and flipping (and flipping some more) through my book of Konad plates :)

    • Thank you so much, Polish Hoarder! :) *blushes*
      I spend a lot of time looking at my nail polishes and image plates too before I know what color combination with which plates I would like to stamp. 😀

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