Date: February 8th, 2010

Comparison: Chanel – Particulière & OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques & Essie – Mink Muffs

I did it. I got weak and ordered Chanel’s Particulière. *puts head down in shame*

After it was sold out online I felt this lemming and that my nail polish loving friend Birgit told me that its sold out in Switzerland didn’t help much either. So I went to my local perfumery and it was sold out too. I was the 14th or more customer that asked for it in the last days.

I was ready to forget about it and move on but then.. on a morning while browsing through a german online store I saw it. It was back in stock. 😮
I had no other choice but to put it in my basket and I saw that only six were left. Pressing the submit order button never felt better. 😀

I don’t have much taupes in my collection yet but lets take a look at how Particulière looks compared to OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques, Essie’s Mink Muffs and the limited edition Chocolate Shake by Essence.


From top to bottom:
OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques, two coats
Chanel – Particulière, two coats
Essie – Mink Muffs, two coats
Essence – Chocolate Shake, two coats


You Don’t Know Jacques is darker and a little more gray that Particulière. Mink Muffs is a darker as well but also warmer than Particulière.
Essence’s Chocolate Shake (Creamylicious LE) has almost the same lightness as Particulière but its much warmer and more brown plus it contains a soft coppery shimmer.

As you can see I don’t have a dupe for Particulière yet so I don’t regret getting it. I just love taupe/mushroom shades. :)



Have you caved yet and bought Particulière? :)
Now its sold out online again here. Is it sold out in your country too?

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25 thoughts on “Comparison: Chanel – Particulière & OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques & Essie – Mink Muffs

  1. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but Milani’s Teddy Bare is supposed to be a dead-on match to Chanel’s Particuliere. If you can find it, I think you should try it. 😀

  2. I found it funny! I did not read the list of what swatch belonged with what color but I decided that I definitely liked number two the most from bottom to top. Guess that it’s a sign! Already bought 505 online and just can’t wait for it to arrive!

  3. Thanks so much for doing this! I haven’t seen the Chanel in stores and came close to picking up YDKJ today thinking it looked so similar to the pics i’d seen of Particuliere. But after seeing this post I’m so glad I didn’t, they are nothing alike! Off to ebay for an overpriced bottle of the stuff 😀

    • I hope you can get your hands on it hun. Any news at your Douglas? Do they have it in stock today?
      It was in stock at Douglas online again.. probably for about 5 minutes. 😛 :(

  4. Aww I am so sorry, A! 😀

    180+ isn’t too bad. 😉 I read about the rumor that Particulière could be made perm.. I wish that would be true! :) I am lemming a backup as well but.. that would be crazy, right? Especially since it is still sold out here.

  5. amber_j on said:

    All these taupe comparison posts made me give in to temptation – I bought a bottle of Particuliere today. The Sephora near my office has loads in stock still. I almost got a backup while I was there but fortunately came to my senses when I remembered the 180+ polishes I already own!

    • I hope you can find it in stores again soon, Solveig. At my local perfumery it was already sold out for a while. :(
      But an online store here got a new shipment and then I could buy it. Maybe your store could get a new shipment too? *hopes*

  6. You are not alone laquermanic! I opened my bottle of Mink Muffs for this comparison for the first time. *puts head down in shame again* 😀

    *sigh* I hope I can squeeze in Over The Taupe on my next order. Yes.. there is no such thing as enough taupe. 😀

    Happy polishing for you too!

  7. The frase “ok, that’s enough taupes for me” doesn’t really exist in my world. I completely forgot Prince Charming. Hm. Time to go through my stash, maybe … 😀 And it just hit me: I’ve had Mink Muffs for a while, but never worn it. *ashamed*
    Happy polishing!

  8. Why aren’t you on my blogroll, your blog is amazing!

    I did a comparison too, I got the wrong idea from the bottle color. I compared it to OPI YDKJ and OPI OTT and SOPI Metro Chic. Is nice to other comparisons, it all ends with that Particulére has not a dupe as far as I know. Really glad I got it.

    • Thank you so much laquermanic! :) *blushes*

      I got two more taupes today. Color Club’s High Society and Orly’s Prince Charming but they aren’t dupes either. However in the bottle High Society looks like a lighter version of Particulière and Prince Charming looks like a dupe for Essie’s Mink Muffs. But because I can’t get enough of taupes I don’t mind. 😀

  9. I love it! Beautiful comparisons–they are all unique in my opinion. I must admit that the formula of the Chanel won me over, though. It goes on very easily for me.

  10. Ange-Marie I am sorry that taupes don’t work for you. :(

    I did jellynat! 😀
    Yes I don’t have Over the Taupe but it is on my wishlist.
    On my nails Mink Muffs doesn’t look a lot different than Particulière. Its darker and warmer but not much. I took my pictures in daylight maybe that makes them look less different?

  11. Ah, ah! You did the same post as me. =)
    The closest is definitely “Over the Taupe” (which you don’t seem to have). It’s curious, my Mink Muff looks browner/warmer than yours and looks really more different than Particulière. Kind of bizarre, I wonder if some bottle vary in color.

  12. I live the Chanel and Essense best, but I really think the Essence one is my favorite. Its prettier. I had no desire for the Chanel polish, because taupes make me look dead :( I’ll wait for the next gotta have it Chanel and hope it looks good on me

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