Date: February 10th, 2010

Comparison: MAC – Seasonal Peach & Essie – Van D’Go

And the search for a Seasonal Peach dupe continues. :(

When I saw Brooke’s swatches of Essie’s Van D’Go my hopes to finally find a dupe for my beloved Seasonal Peach by MAC crushed.
In the bottle Van D’Go and Seasonal Peach look like twins but on the nails not so much. Like Brooke wrote Van D’Go dries to a darker and less pinker color than the bottle color.

I hope someday a brand will release the perfect Seasonal Peach dupe. However I wouldn’t mind a dupe with a better formula.

But now let’s take a look at the swatches to see how different Essie’s Van D’Go is to MAC’s Seasonal Peach. :)


From top to bottom:
MAC – Seasonal Peach, three coats
Essie – Van D’Go, three coats
MAC – Seasonal Peach, three coats
Essie – Van D’Go, three coats



Yes, Seasonal Peach is a little diva. She could be more opaque and less streaky but I just love the color. Essie’s Van D’Go (once its dry) is a little darker and less pink than Seasonal Peach and the texture is better. I still needed three coats to get a nice opaque finish, though.

I do like Van D’Go a lot, though. It is not the dupe I was hoping for but nonetheless it is a very pretty nail polish and the closest nail polish to Seasonal Peach I have so far. :)

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13 thoughts on “Comparison: MAC – Seasonal Peach & Essie – Van D’Go

  1. MissDeeCanada on said:

    Why not make your own dupe? Get a cheap or a china glaze white on white and try to make your own version of it?

    That is what I would suggest!

  2. Thank you, laquermanic! :)

    Van D’Go should look stunning with tanned skin! *nods*
    Seasonal Peach is a true stunner but the formula is so bad. I wish MAC would have more perm nail polishes. Its sad that Seasonal Peach was only limited edition.
    My biggest MAC LE lemming is Cool Reserve. I have missed it when it came out. And Peppermint Patti. I have sold mine but now I regret it. But I should try to get my hands on the Barry M dupe. :)

    I haven’t played with Lilacism yet but the formula of Van’Go could have been better. *agrees* :(

  3. I have swatched the Essie Art of Spring collection today, and was very disappointed too by the formula. But Van D’Go is still a favourite from this collection, and I can’t wait for the summer sun to tan my fingers, it will look stunning! Think I have to check out that Mac Seasonal Peach, though. Great swatch, again! :)

  4. I love MAC’s Seasonal Peach but to be honest I am not a fan of Mac’s polishes. It’s always so streaky but the colors are always amazing. I’m torrrrn. haha How was the application of Seasonal Peach??

    • The application of Seasonal Peach is not good, Sarah. :( It is streaky and still not perfect after three coats.
      Lately I really like the new MAC nail polishes. Light Affair was great and Mercenary was fabulous. :)

  5. Oh good!! I was hoping someone would compare these two colors side by side….that damn seasonal peach!! Do you have access to Claire’s stores? I found a peach that might be a match to it. If you don’t, I would be happy to send you a bottle for you to compare with, I NEED to know so I can put my obession with Seasonal Peach to rest, lol. You can email me at

    • I got it from the first release with the Cremesheen collection in 2008 but they already repromoted it with Sugarsweet in 2009. :(

      But I hope they will repromote it one more time, Blusherine. *crosses fingers* :)

    • Yes Seasonal Peach is such a lovely color! I may have to try to get my hands on a backup at some point. A dupe with a better formula (and more ml) would be better, though. *sigh* :)

      Until I have a dupe I can’t wear Seasonal Peach for full manicures because I don’t want to run out of it. 😀

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