Date: February 18th, 2010

KOTD: Floral Burgundy

One thing I love to do when I am already wearing a nail polish for a few days (but I don’t want to remove it because it still looks good) is to layer another nail polish over it to change the look or to add a konadicure.

This time I did both. 😀
I was wearing Zoya’s Kalista for three days and there was no chipping so I decided to add a layer of CND’s Crimson Sparkle. Crimson Sparkle looked stunning over Kalista but I was in the mood for some Konad too.


Zoya – Kalista, two coats
CND – Crimson Sparkle, one coat
Konad m39 with China Glaze – Poetic
Konad m39 with China Glaze – Delight




I loved this Konadicure but because I got CND’s Amethyst Sparkle with an order a few days ago and was curious about how two CND sparkle effects look layered I added a coat of Amethyst Sparkle. Wow… LOVE! 😮
I am a bit sad that the sparkles in Amethyst Sparkle seem to be a bit smaller than the sparkles in Crimson Sparkle but both layered over each other look breathtaking! Especially over a burgundy base.




Please excuse that the manicure is growing out a bit but I was wearing Kalista already for a few days. :)
Have you tried any of the CND effects yet? I need to get my hands on all of the sparkle effects now with my next orders. :)

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22 thoughts on “KOTD: Floral Burgundy

  1. @Dominique Thank you! :)

    @Nails By Me It is just practise. :) My first Konad experiments were worse but with time when you find the perfect balance between speed and pressure it will get better and better. Thank you!

    @pascale Thank you too! :)

  2. @Landa Thank you! Still love this combination but I had to take it off today. I was rude to my hands and the nail polish chipped. :(

    @MightyLambchop Thank you! You should give at least one CND effect a try. :)

    @Diana Thank you!

    @kvacka Oops! 😀 I hope you will love Crimson Sparkle and Amethyst Sparkle as much as I do. Thank you!

  3. @MissBrandi Yes.. and get it stat! 😀

    @Saadeh Thank you so much! You should give them a try. I like the color of the flecks in Amethyst Sparkle more but because the flecks in Crimson Sparkle are bigger it is my favorite so far. :)

  4. @Deniz Thank you hun! :)

    @peripatetic33 Thank you! :)

    @Therése I first was “meh” about them as well but when I saw swatches I was convinced that sooner or later I need at least all of the sparkles! 😀
    Especially Jade Sparkle and Sapphire Sparkle are on my wishlist. ♥

    • Michelle I can understand you not beeing sure about the CND effects. :)
      I still have to try the shimmer and pearl effects and I think I will order a shimmer and pearl with my next order. What I am most unsure about is if they could get uneven. This isn’t the case with the sparkle effects – they are fantastic – but I am curious if the application will be as flawless with the pearls and shimmers. :)

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