Date: March 4th, 2010

Essence – Cute As Hell nail polishes: Swatches and Review

No.. no I just can’t get enough of pastel nail polishes. 😀

After China Glaze’s Up & Away, Essie’s Art Of Spring and Orly’s Sweet (makes mental note to order a few of them) collections now the German brand Essence has released a spring collection called Cute As Hell with four pastel nail polishes. Of course I had to get them.

I was lucky to be the first customer that could take a look at the display from the Cute As Hell collection because I already heard that this collection sells out quick – especially the lavender nail polish.
When Essence releases a collection with predictable popular nail polishes you have to be quick because the displays of the limited editions only hold three nail polishes of every color and the stock in the displays is the only stock the drugstores get. Sometimes you are lucky and the drugstore gets a second shipment (meaning a second display) but still this only would make a stock of six nail polishes per shade. 😮

But enough with the sadness about the limited stock and lets take a look at the swatches. :)


Naughty But Nice

 three coats

The application of Naughty But Nice is surprisingly good. I was prepared for a very streaky nail polish but the application was great. You still need three coats but I thought it would be worse considering that Essence nail polishes are quite cheap.
Naughty But Nice looks a bit lighter than China Glaze’s Lemon Fizz.




Bad Girl

 three coats

Hmm.. medium pastel peachy nail polishes and my skintone probably will never become friends. Bad Girl is China Glaze’s Peachy Keen’s a tad darker sister and just as Peachy Keen it doesn’t really work with my skintone. The application was nice, though. :)




Not Just Cute

three coats

I love pink but surprisingly I don’t have many pink nail polishes. Therefore I don’t have a dupe for Not Just Cute in my collection. Zoya’s Barbie is the closest nail polish I have but it is a tad darker, warmer and it contains shimmer. The application of Not Just Cute was great as well.




Date Me!

three coats

The lavender nail polish of course is my favorite from the Cute As Hell collection because.. well.. it is lavender. 😛 In the bottle it looks almost identical to OPI’s Done Out In Deco. Done Out In Deco is maybe a tad warmer. But I wouldn’t mind if Date Me would be a dead on dupe because for me there is no such thing as enough lavender. 😀
The application of Date Me was great.



I am so glad for my US readers that you now can get your Essence fix at Ulta but unfortunately it seems that you won’t get the Cute As Hell collection. The only collection I now see on the new US Essence website is Fashionista. But the Fashionista nail polishes don’t really catch my attention. They look pretty but they are so tiny! Usually the Essence limited edition nail polishes contail 8 or 10ml but 5ml is such a little amount of nail polish.

I hope you will get all the next limited editions we will get in Europe with hopefully bigger and prettier nail polishes as well from now on.

The Cute As Hell nail polishes retail for 1,75 EUR/1,79 EUR and are available now (if they are not already sold out :().

Thanks for looking and take care! :)

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18 thoughts on “Essence – Cute As Hell nail polishes: Swatches and Review

  1. Scandalous: Yes they are very cute! :)
    I am actually looking forward to the fall collections. I always love their vampy colors. ♥

    Yes they look very like Easter and Spring. :)

    ♥ Pastels! 😀 ♥

    I am surprised as well that the Essence pastels are one of my favorites (excluding the peachy shade). :)

    Thank you! ♥
    Do you only have the yellow one yet? I could do a CP for you if you like. :)

    😀 😉

  2. They all look so good on you, even the peachy one!
    I think this is the best collection Essence ever made.. It sucks so much that they don’t have these pretty babies over here :-(

  3. Just can’t get enough of pastels. They are definitely some of the cutest ones out there!

    And look at the bottle, I love the childish writing!

  4. Cucumpear: I am crossing my fingers for you that you can get your hands on the Cute As Hell nail polishes. :)
    My local dm put the display up a week+ ago when the collection was already sold out at Müller and Ihr Platz. 😮

    JustMe: Vielen Dank!
    Meine Kamera kann die Farben nicht immer 100%ig farbecht festhalten aber da helfe ich immer nach indem ich die Farben in einem Bildbearbeitungsprogramm korrigiere um möglichst farbechte Bilder posten zu können. :)

  5. They really are cute, if I ever see a display I’ll pick them up, but I don’t actually expect to. I’ve seen one empty display at Mueller, all dm stores still had Go Snow.

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