Date: March 5th, 2010

NOTD: p2 – Rich & Royal (208)

The taupe trend has reached my local drugstore. 😀

Recently the German brand p2 (a store brand from the dm drugstores) changed their product range. With this change they unfortunately discontinued a few great nail polishes but fortunately replaced them with 8 stunning new shades and a matte top coat.

The most popular color of the new p2 nail polishes probably surely will be Rich & Royal (208). I couldn’t get my hands on it with the first shipment of the new product range because it sold out very quick but today they got a new shipment and I did what I had to do.. I grabbed it (and a backup.. just in case!). 😀

Rich & Royal looks like if Chanel’s Particulière and MAC’s Cool Reserve made love. It is cooler toned than Particulière but warmer than Cool Reserve. It looks like if is right inbetween them.
In comparison to China Glaze’s Channelesque it is less mauve.

Let’s take a closer look at this beauty. :)


p2, Rich & Royal, three coats


Unfortunately I only have one picture of this NOTD because it was already getting dark when I came home and this was the only good picture I could take. :(

Isn’t this nail polish stunning? I never would have expected to see such a shade from a German brand especially not from a drugstore brand. P2 have outdone themselves with their new nail polishes. It is a bit sad that a gorgeos color like the shimmery olive Glory had to go but the new nail polishes make up for this. And what is even better is that Rich & Royal and the other new nail polishes are perm.

Now that we even have a taupe/mushroom nail polish available at drugstores I am thinking about if the taupe trend might have reached its zenith. What do you think?

Thanks for looking and take care! :)

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7 thoughts on “NOTD: p2 – Rich & Royal (208)

  1. Öykü: It is always a bummer that not all brands are available everywhere. :(

    laquermanic: Yes this color is truly stunning! :)
    P2 now is my favorite drugstore brand here. Not only that I love the new nail polishes but they also added fantastic new lipliners and lipsticks to their new product range. I am on love.. it feels like if I am cheating on MAC. 😀

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