Date: March 8th, 2010

Bottle Comparison: Taupes

Unfortunately my head doesn’t agree with the smell of nail polish and nail polish remover right now so I couldn’t make a new manicure. :(

One thing I love to look at, besides manicures and nail polish swatches, are bottle comparisons so I thought I could take pictures of my taupe nail polishes and show them to you today. I love taupe nail polishes and I still have a few on my wishlist like OPI’s Over The Taupe and American Apparels’s Mouse. There is no such thing as enough taupes, right?

Let’s take a closer look especially at how Chanel’s Particulière compares to my other taupe nail polishes. :)


OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques, p2 – Rich&Royal, Chanel – Particulière,
Color Club – High Society, Essie – Chinchilly


In this bunch p2’s Rich&Royal is the closest color to Particulière though it isn’t a dead on dupe. Rich&Royal has almost the same lightness but it is less brown and more mauve than Particulière. Color Club’s High Society has the same undertone as Particulière but it is much lighter so it is not a dupe.



OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques, Chanel – Particulière,
Essie – Mink Muffs, Orly – Prince Charming


Essie’s Mink Muffs looks really close to Orly’s Prince Charming. Mink Muffs looks like it is just a tad more red while Prince Charming is a tad more yellow and a tad darker.



p2 – Rich&Royal, Chanel – Particulière, Color Club – High Society
Orly – Country Club Khaki, Essie – Chinchilly


Color Club’s High Society and Orly’s Country Club Khaki have almost the same lightness but High Society is much cooler toned. High Society looks like a franken of Country Club Khaki and Essie’s Chinchilly. :)



p2 – Rich&Royal, Chanel – Particulière


I am quite surprised how close p2’s Rich&Royal is to Chanel’s Particulière. I never would have thought that the closest color to Particulière in my stash would be from a German drugstore brand. While it isn’t a perfect dupe p2’s Rich&Royal is a great alternative and the best thing is: it was only 1,55 EUR.

I hope you find this post helpful. Thanks for looking and take care! :)

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19 thoughts on “Bottle Comparison: Taupes

  1. A dusty milk chocolate? Oh no! Maybe you have gotten a bad bottle, Skulda?
    It does have the same darkness as milk chocolate but it should be more dark taupe than chocolate. :(

  2. It’s odd, I bought OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques because it was a pretty taupe in the bottle. When I put it on it was a dusty milk chocolate. *shrug*

  3. I recently found Chanel Particulière at Debenhams, and my heart almost skipped a beat. I thought it was sold out everywhere, so I had given up on finding it. But there it was! 😀
    Taupes are great, is what I’m getting at. 😉

  4. Taupes bottle pics???!!! *woooooot*
    The only one I don’t have – for some odd reason – is Orly’s Prince Charming. These are all so awesome, and there is not a true dupe here. Particuliére is turning into a real favourite, even if I was a little supsicious about the hype of it. It’s truly unique. :)

    • Aww don’t worry laquermanic. I don’t have all taupes on my wishlist yet, too. 😀
      I first thought the same.. Particulière? Meh.. just another taupe but it is truly unique and stunning. :)

      Marta: You’re welcome! :)

  5. Millie on said:

    Fantastic comparisons! I just got CC High Society so it’s interesting to see it compared to the others.

  6. Marta: I made bottle comparison pictures of my gray nail polishes as well. I don’t have as much grays as taupes but I will post the gray bottle comparison and a mauve bottle comparison in the next days. :)

    Annigje: Thank you! :)
    I will make more bottle comparisons soon. 😀

  7. Marta on said:

    Could you please please please do the same thing with grey nail polishes? I’m looking for MY grey, and comparison like that would be very helpful 😉

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