Date: March 11th, 2010

Haul: p2 – Colors In Motion & Sun Love collections including a gorgeous shimmery greige/taupe

When I walked into my local dm drugstore yesterday I saw a new p2 collection called Sun Love which is including four nail polishes. Unfortunately only two colors were left. Because I wanted to take a look at the two missing nail polishes I went to another dm drugstore today and yay.. they were still there. 😀

To my surprise I also saw another p2 collection called Colors In Motion also including four nail polishes.
So I did what I had to do and bought the two missing Sun Love and the four Colors In Motion nail polishes.

Let’s take a closer look at the Colors In Motion nail polishes first. :)


p2 – Cloudy Rose (010)
p2 – Dynamic Nude (040)
p2 – Dusty Purple (030)
p2 – Vibrating Orange (020) uhm.. have they meant vibrant instead of vibrating? 😮


The biggest surprise for me with the Colors In Motion nail polishes is their size. European nail polishes – especially drugstore nail polishes – usually come in smaller bottles like 5, 8 or 10 ml. But these contain 15 ml! And they are only 1,95 EUR each! 😮

Cloudy Rose is a very sheer nail polish which is either meant for a frech manicure or for layering. The name of Vibrating Orange is kinda.. strange. English is not my first language but wouldn’t Vibrant Orange be more.. appropriate.. or is my mind just too dirty? 😛



p2 – Summer Heat (010)
p2 – Summer Rain (040)
p2 – Summer Cocktail (050)
p2 – Summer Party (030)


I don’t see p2 beeing known as a brand with funny or even just perfect matching names for their nail polishes anytime soon but they sure should be known for their great nail polishes. :)

I haven’t bought nail polishes from many of their limited editions yet because until a few months I always have overlooked their limited editions but I will keep a close eye on them from now on.
The four nail polishes from the Sun Love collection are gorgeous. I like them better than the polishes from the Colors In Motion collection but nail polish hoarder disorder-me had to buy them anyhow. 😀

But back to the Sun Love nail polishes. This collection includes two gorgeous summery colors with the shimmery bright orange Summer Heat and the shimmery bright teal Summer Cocktail plus for all of us purple lovers out there a gorgeous shimmery medium-dark purple called Summer Party.
But the star from this collection (in my honest but biased opinion because I just love such colors) is the shimmery greyed taupe/greige/gray with beige color called Summer Rain.

It reminds me of Essie’s Chinchilly so I made a bottle comparison of a few close looking nail polishes (plus Particulière.. this little diva just wants to be in every greige/taupe comparison) plus a true gray.



Click on this picture if you like to look at its full size. :)
Chanel – Particulière
p2 – Rich & Royal
Essie – Chinchilly
p2 – Summer Rain
p2 – Stormy (207) (another one of the new perm p2 nail polishes)
MAC – Light Affair
Color Club – High Society
Models Own – Misty Grey



Essie – Chinchilly
p2 – Summer Rain
p2 – Stormy
MAC – Light Affair


The Sun Love nail polishes contain 11 ml and retail for 1,95 EUR each.

I hope I can make swatches of them all soon but I hope you also like these bottle pictures. :)

Thanks for looking and take care!

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20 thoughts on “Haul: p2 – Colors In Motion & Sun Love collections including a gorgeous shimmery greige/taupe

  1. Mary-Cate on said:

    I know this was posted months ago, but yesterday a girl came into the store where I work and had an amazing nail polish colour on! I asked her what it was and she said it was a German brand called p2 (she was from Germany.) Is this brand available to purchase online because I know it’s not available in the U.S. The colour she had on was a really pretty brown :)

  2. Nikkie on said:

    thank you so so so much . i’ll be getting some of those with my next order i’ll be making in a few weeks. orly has great Polishes. i hope they work on the bonder and topcoats Oh and i wanted to tell you. i have EFFECTS pearl and works really great with black polish

    • You are very welcome, Nikkie. :)
      Oh I was always curious about the pearl effects. I adore the two CND sparkle effects I have and I am looking forward to try some more of the effect nail polishes with my next order.
      I am really impressed with the Poshe fast drying top coat right now. I wanted to switch to a 3-free top coat and so far I really like Poshe. :)

  3. I love them too, Susanne! :) I am glad that you could get Rich&Royal, hun!

    Nikkie: I am sorry that your manicure chipped so quick. :(
    Seche Vite and Poshe work great for me with any brand of nail polish. I haven’t tried Orly’s bonder yet and I only tried an Orly top coat once and didn’t like it because it took too long to dry. :(

  4. Nikkie on said:

    i was wondering if you could help me out here. what’s a good topcoat to use? i tried ORLYS bonder and topcoat and was shocked to see my nails chipped with then the hour. i don’t know why. should i have just used orly’s with the orlys colors?

  5. amusedPolish: Oh no! :( I saw the display of the Read My Lips LE for a while now. We got these two LE’s about a week ago so maybe you will get them soon, too? *crosses fingers*

    Jenny Smith: *hugs* :(

    <3 Haha oops.. I am so sorry Michèle. 😀

  6. Jenny Smith on said:

    The last photo looks like a subtle ombre manicure!

    I wish I could get hold of p2 :(

    Thank you for the comparison post, I love seeing these :)

    • Nails4stars: Oh no Kruidvat used to sell p2 and now they don’t? :(
      I am happy about the cheaper price now as well. The p2 opal flakey nail polishes were unusually expensive in comparison to their usual price. :(

  7. Vibrating Orange – lol. Maybe it’s intentional for dirty minds like yours?? 😀
    I’m not sure I like any of them. Maybe if I see a swatch … 😉

  8. JustMe: I hope I can make the swatches this weekend. :)

    Shebelle: Leider hab ich Sephora by OPI’s Under My Trench Coat nicht zum Vergleichen. :(

    Halifax: I like the bottles, too. In my nail polish dream world every brand would be available everywhere. :(

    amusedPolish: I hope you will get at least the Sun Love collection in Austria. It is a big collection and available for a few months here. :)

  9. Halifax on said:

    I like the Sun Love bottles, for some reason. They are so fun, noy mentioning the colours are awesome. Too bad Canada doesn’t have P2

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