Date: March 23rd, 2010

KOTD: Imperial Purple

Or is Royal Purple a better name? Somehow the combination of purple and gold always makes me think royal. :)

I love to konad-ify a manicure with Konad when I am already wearing a nail polish for two or more days and today it was about time to add some layered Konad to OPI’s OPI Ink. 😀

Because I adore layered konadicures I picked China Glaze’s LOL as my Konad base stamping nail polish and China Glaze’s 2030 for the gold stamping.

Purple and gold.. these two colors are meant for each other. Love love love them together!


OPI – OPI Ink, three coats
Konad m64 with China Glaze – LOL
Konad m53 with China Glaze – 2030





In sunlight


I am glad that the sun came out so that I could take the last picture. Holos look so much nicer in sunlight!
Like metallic nail polishes (China Glaze Romantique and Khrome) most holo nail polishes are perfect for Konad. Holos which are dense enough look gorgeous for subtle stampings and they make a perfect base stamping for layered konadicures.

Have you ever tried a layered konadicure? If you love Konad and haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it. It is so much fun! :)

Thanks for looking and take care! :)

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27 thoughts on “KOTD: Imperial Purple

  1. Thank you Lorena!
    Yes you should try layered konadicures. They are so much fun and the possibilities are endless. :)

    Thank you too, Debbie! :)
    I am very glad that I could inspire you to play with your Konad set again.
    Yes I love to use regular nail polishes as stamping polishes. With the Konad system or any other stamping image plates you can use any nail polish you want.
    The only thing you have to consider is if the regular nail polish is opaque enough.
    In general one-coater nail polishes will work great with Konad – especially metallic nail polishes like the China Glaze Romantique or Khrome nail polishes.
    Also holo nail polishes work great but they are more subtle on the nails. HTH :)

  2. Really nice nails. I bought a Konad set couple years ago, but it didn’t work out for me. I could never get the look I want, so I’ve put it aside. But after seeing all your pictures, I think I’m gonna play with it again!! :) You do a wonderful job!! However, I noticed that you used China Glaze as your stamps. Can you? I thought you’re only supposed to use special Konad polish. But they look AWESOME!!

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