Date: March 27th, 2010

Comparison: Nars – Purple Rain & China Glaze – Let’s Groove & Zoya – Yasmeen

One of the current most popular nail polishes surely is Purple Rain by NARS. When I saw the first swatches of Purple Rain I knew that I had to have it.

I only rarely buy expensive nail polishes but this dark shimmery purple.. I had to buy it and it was love at first swatch. 😀

However when I’ve read that there are two possible dupes available with China Glaze’s Let’s Groove and Zoya’s Yasmeen I had to get them as well. Not only to compare them but especially because the little backup devil wanted me to buy a Purple Rain backup and I didn’t wanted to cave. You are not winning this time, backup devil.. hear me!? 😀

Let’s take a closer look at how close Let’s Groove and Yasmeen are to Purple Rain. Dupe or no dupe? Let’s find out. :)


China Glaze – Let’s Groove, two coats
NARS – Purple Rain, two coats
Zoya – Yasmeen, three coats




Click on the following two pictures to view their full size :)


In sunlight



Zoya’s Yasmeen isn’t really a dupe for Purple Rain. The blurple jelly base is lighter and it only contains red* shimmer in contrast to Let’s Groove and Purple Rain who both contain red* and blue shimmer. But Let’s Groove is an almost perfect dupe for Purple Rain.

In my pictures you can see that the base color of Let’s Groove is a tad cooler toned and a tad darker than the base color of Purple Rain but when you look at both side by side on your nails you can’t see the difference. In my pictures, where you can see my nails close, yes but IRL they look exactly the same.
Also the formula of Purple Rain and Let’s Groove is identical to me. They both apply like butter with one generous or two regular coats.

If you don’t want to spend $20 or 18€ I recommend getting China Glaze’s Let’s Groove instead. :)

Thanks for looking and take care! :)

*It sometimes looks red but in the bottle the red shimmer of all three nail polishes also looks coppery.

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21 thoughts on “Comparison: Nars – Purple Rain & China Glaze – Let’s Groove & Zoya – Yasmeen

  1. Susan on said:

    Do you have Sexy Divide from Essie? Could you do a comparision next to purple rain? Thank you.

  2. Denny on said:

    Purple rain is an awesome color. I swatched it at sephora. I almost bought it but instead I bought rouge andalou (shimmery red) and I like it. I do have yasmeen, although I haven’t worn it in awhile. Thanks for showing us 3 options b/c I will go to sally’s and see if they have let’s groove and I can save a few more of my pennies. lol

  3. I applied Let’s groove today and I’m impressed with all that gorgeous shimmer it has! Love it!
    The formula is great, it dries quite fast but still applied Seche Vite on top of it. :)

  4. Dee: I am sorry that Yasmeen doesn’t look good on you. :( You could try it over a black or dark purple base maybe?

    VexintheCity: Aww no poor Purple Rain! But I am glad that you still have Let’s Groove! :)

    EvilAngel: Thank you so much!

    Elizabeth: Thank you so much as well and you are very welcome! :)

    Michèle: Thank you! 😀
    Let’s Groove is a true stunner, yes! <3

    SoVeryFabulous: Its always great when there is a dupe available to save money (and to buy more other nail polishes instead :D).

    ShortAndSweetNails: I don't regret getting Purple Rain even if I have a dupe in my collection. Its such a pretty color. :)

  5. Thanks for the comparison! I love Purple Rain but haven’t bought it because I didn’t want to spend so much on a polish, but I will get Let’s Groove instead.

  6. I have Purple Rain and Let’s Groove. After spilling half my bottle of Purple Rain, I remembered I had Let’s Groove and wasn’t so distraught after all!

  7. The only one I have is Yasmeen. For some reason, it looks poopie on me but great on everyone in pictures, including you. How sad for me! :) I really like these comparison shots since it helps me save money by not buying a dupe or a nearly-dupe.

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