Date: April 2nd, 2010

Bottle Comparison: Mint Greens

Happy Easter! :)

An order with Isadora’s Vintage Mint nail polish from their spring collection arrived right in time for a mint green bottle comparison post.

I love mint greens and with the arrival of Vintage Mint and the purchase of Catrice’s Sold Out For Ever my little mint green nail polish collection got two more members this week. I still regret that I’ve sold MAC’s Peppermint Patti a while ago and I hope I can get my hands on it again at some point. :(

Let’s take a look at the five mint green nail polishes I have in my collection so far. :)


China Glaze – Re-Fresh Mint
Isadora – Vintage Mint (619)
Catrice – Sold Out For Ever (240)
Essie – Mint Candy Apple
Orly – Mint Mojito


In the bottle Vintage Mint looks like a tad darker version of Re-Fresh Mint and Sold Out For Ever like a darker version of Vintage Mint. Mint Candy Apple has the same lightness as Re-Fresh Mint but it is less green and more blue. Mint Mojito though is very unique in my collection. :)

Except Sold Out For Ever all of them are cremes. Because – unless you look really, really close – you can’t see the subtle green shimmer of Sold Out For Ever on your nails it could pass of as a creme as well.

Currently I am wearing Catrice’s Sold Out For Ever on my nails and I love it! I already made pictures and I hope I can post them tomorrow. Judging from the swatches of Chanel’s Jade I have seen so far Sold Out For Ever looks like a perfect dupe. A perfect dupe for only 2,49 Euros. Me likey!

Do you also share the love for mint green nail polishes?

Thanks for looking and take care! :)

Re-Fresh Mint was provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR Company for consideration. Please visit my About tab for more information.

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15 thoughts on “Bottle Comparison: Mint Greens

  1. I was surprised to see Isadora’s prices for the nail polish. They’re around 280CZK here, more than 10EUR! I would rather go to the nail salon a floor up to get some Essie which is even cheaper… I didn’t see this colour though.

  2. Sarah: Re-Fresh Mint is one of my favorite mint greens. Love it! :)

    Susanne: *big hugs* What a disappointment last Tuesday. I hope the display is refilled when I go there tomorrow. :(

    ShortAndSweetNails: You have Creme de Menthe? Lucky you! *drools*

    Beccy: I am sorry that you can’t wear mint green colors. :(

    Oh no Anna! I am sorry about Mint Candy Apple. Currently Catrice isn’t available in France but if you’d like (and they finally refill the display) I could CP you one bottle of Sold Out For Ever. :)

    Amanda: I haven’t tried the mint Isadora nail polish yet and it is also my first Isadora nail polish.
    When I was at a big Douglas in the city yesterday I also saw an Isadora counter and I was surprised how many pretty colors they had.. if only they were cheaper. I think they are ridiculously overpriced. :(

  3. Mint Mojito is the only mint polish I have. It was the most used polish for me last summer :) I have never try Isadora’s products before, is the polish good? I was at Douglas earlier today and I shall go back tomorrow and see if they stock them already.

  4. amber_j on said:

    I treid Mint Candy Apple a few weeks ago and it looked really bad on me. Like, *really* bad! I was so sad :o( I’m going to hunt down Catrice in Paris. I must make up for missing out on Chanel’s Jade…

  5. I also share the love for minty greens :)
    My fave out of the ones you posted is Mint Mojito…makes me drool. HAHA

    My fave mint of all time is OPI Creme de Menthe (I can’t believe how much I paid for it!) More than I paid for Chanel Jade retail! HAHA

    I also can’t believe you sold Peppermint Patty!!! But then again I went to buy it and for some reason decided not to!

  6. Blu11 on said:

    They’re so cute! 😀 I don’t have any mint polishes yet, but I was checking out Catrice’s Sold Out For Ever. I think Essie is the only one that would match my pale skin.

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