Date: May 16th, 2010

KOTD: Spring And Summer

Hello dear readers!
Very, very long time no post, I am so sorry!

Due to my new job I am in the middle of working on a new blogging schedule and also picture set-up. During the week I only can take pictures in the evening or early in the morning but the lighting often is still or already too dark. :(
I hope the lighting will bear with me in the future but at least the weekend can always be full of nail polish fumes deliciousness. 😀

On Friday I did my MAC To The Beach haul *in love* and I got a little inspired by the packaging. I was already wearing ModelsOwn’s Green Grass so today I decided to play a bit with this manicure. I don’t have any sea shell stamping motif so I had to pick a flower haha. 😀


Models Own – Green Grass, three coats
Konad m69 with Konad special polish – Apple Green
Fauxnad GCOCL B01 with MAC – In The Buff
random white nail polish + dotting tool
gold/orange round rhinestones



Overall I am not 100% happy with this manicure because In The Buff was not opaque enough for the stamping but I still like it. :)

Are you a MAC lover too and have already or plan to haul from To The Beach?

Thanks for looking and have a great Sunday!

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18 thoughts on “KOTD: Spring And Summer

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  2. Love love love! Hope to see MAC In The Buff alone soon! I’m on the fence about it – I feel like it would terrible on me, but it just looks so interesting!

  3. hm, i think my comment disappeared into the ether. that’s a gorgeous konad, i haven’t figured out how to do 1 konad design well let alone layering!

    i totally want that models own colour as well!


  4. I totally understand how your work schedule makes swatching and blogging hard. I swatch on the weekends and then post the pics during the week. its so much simpler that way and I only swatch when I have full sun :)

    I like the manicure, the gold/brown is subtle but nice!

  5. Amanda on said:

    Never thought that shade of green could look so good on your nails!!

    PS- left a question on your Formspring :)

  6. I love the green! I haven’t tried any of that brand, but I haven’t seen any colors that would make me hunt it down either. I like the mani! It might even look more marine-y if you use a light teal or sandy color for the waves.

  7. Suzanne: Thank you! :)

    Charlie: Aww thank you! :)

    Shayla: Now that you mention it it reminds me a lot of St. Patty’s Day, too! 😀 Thank you!

    CucumPear: I regret that I have waited so long to wear Green Grass. Hopefully ModelsOwn will update their formula at some point and ditch the Toluene.

    I got Hipness as well! Also the Marine Life Highlight Powder but I don’t know if I ever can wear it haha.
    Sweet & Punchy and Firecracker are stunning! I already had Shimmermoss but not Humid. But I rather buy it as a pro pan later. :)
    I also love the look of In The Buff but I am not sure if it will look good on my pale NC15 skin haha.

  8. I’m definitely feeling the love for this, Green Grass is just so pretty. And I should definitely go back to the MAC counter, I got the Hipness blush last time, but the eyeshadows look so pretty, too.

  9. Love this mani! Reminds me a lot of St. Patty’s Day, but is definitely something that can be worn in the summer for whatever occasion, too :)

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