Date: May 24th, 2010

Coral love err.. I mean NOTD: Eyeko – Coral Polish

Hello everyone! :)

Slowly I am back on track again and I am in the middle of preparing blog posts for the weeks on the weekends now.

I already have swatched all 12 nail polishes from China Glaze’s Vintage Vixen Fall 2010 collection and I am in love. If you love purple, taupe, green or blue or fall colors in general.. you will love this collection! I hope I can show you the swatches during this week. Prepare yourself and buy a box of tissues because you will need them. πŸ˜€

Today I’d like to show you a nail polish which is right up my alley right now – because it is coral πŸ˜€ : Eyeko – Coral Polish.


Eyeko – Coral love in a bottle.. err I mean Coral Polish, two coats


Coral Polish on MAC foundation shades


I just can’t get enough of coral right now. Coral blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks and of course nail polishes! πŸ˜€ Because of this coral love MAC’s current collection To The Beach makes coral-loving me happy. If you are a MAC lover as well you might wonder how close Eyeko’s Coral Polish is to the coral nail polish from To The Beach called Scorcher:


*thumb says hi!* πŸ˜€

In the bottle they look almost identical.
I haven’t worn Scorcher yet and I hope the lighting this week after work will bear with me so that I can make comparison swatches.

Thanks for looking and have a great week!

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16 thoughts on “Coral love err.. I mean NOTD: Eyeko – Coral Polish

  1. Love your blog, and your beautiful nails and your brilliant photos, I did a post recently on nails and realised how difficult it is to photo nails and also my fingers looked like sausages. I would like to mention you and your blog one day – I do a funny (?) blog and have started a thing about matching your nail colour to the cover of the book you are reading…have a look and let me know if ok. Best wishes Blighty

  2. nathalie on said:


    I expect the Scorcher to be a little lighter, more coral. But that’s just me guessing πŸ˜‰

  3. Marta on said:

    Great that you’re back πŸ˜‰ I have a thing for coral eyeshadow too, it’s a shame they look weird on me. I need to check out the polishes.

  4. i love this eyeko, another lemming is born! and i have read a ton of press on the MAC collection and not seen any information on the polish! want want want!

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