Date: June 6th, 2010

NOTD: Chanel – Particulière (505)

Hello everyone! :)

Can you own too many taupes? 😀
Because I still can’t pass on a taupe nail polish my taupe stash is still growing. The last addition to my taupe collection is American Apparel’s Mouse and next week I hopefully can get my hands on the two LE ArtDeco taupes from their current nail polish collection.

Today I’d like to show you one of my favorite and the surely most hyped taupe: Chanel’s Particulière.


ChanelParticulière (505), two coats


In this picture from today I am already wearing Particulière for four or five days. :)


Particulière on MAC foundation shades


The formula of Particulière is great but this time I needed two coats for a opaque result.

Do you own Particulière or are still on a hunt for it or do you already own too many taupes? :)
Now that Particulière seems to be perm I hope the crazy ebay prices for it will decrease and I hope this will be a wholesome lesson for the greedy ebay sellers who buy the stock before a regular customer can.

Thanks for looking and have a great week!

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19 thoughts on “NOTD: Chanel – Particulière (505)

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  2. Susan on said:

    If you are looking for Ilusion d’or, check out golden enchantment from china Glaze, they look similiar from the swatches.

  3. amber_j on said:

    Oh dear. We’re doomed!

    I haven’t seen Illusion D’Or, but then again I haven’t been looking for it. I’m on a nail polish no-buy, you know. It might not be that obvious. I’ll let you know if I spot it when I’m out and about.

  4. amber_j on said:

    What’s that you say? Too many taupes? Is that even possible?! LOL! ;o)

    This looks beautiful on you. I’m also wearing it this week. I love how long it lasts and how quickly it dries. The Sephora website in France still has lots available and I found some bottles in the Champs Eylsée store over the weekend. I was looking for Nouvelle Vague, which I found… and promptly bought. Help me!

    • I am so sorry A! I can’t help you because I bought Nouvelle Vague now too! 😀
      I wish I could get my hands on Illusion D’or, though but it is not available here. :(

  5. I resisted this for a looong time, then finally broke down a lonely afternoon and got it from eBay. I’m telling myself it’s necessary to be glamorous on my honeymoon.. 😉

    I’m NOT going to tell my husband how much I spent for it however!

    And I’ve already got Jaques, but in a way it seems a bit too dark and not enough beigy for me.

  6. Hini on said:

    I own this polish and I have to be honest, despite the polish collection/addiction I just started, it is the best quality polish I own so far. That is, compared to other Chanel polishes, the OPI I own and a pannel of other brands.

    The formula is rich, it applies in such a thin but highly pigmented layer, and dries super fast. I put on two coats and it lasts me for over a week without chipping ! (and I am a very clumsy person, I started and continue to wear polish to prevent breaking/scratching/damaging my nails on doors, clothes or sharp objects)

    Chanel Particulière, I love you !

  7. Nope you cannot have too many taupes. Never! But for some reason I didn’t get this one. LOL IDK what happened there.

    Anyway it’s just nice to look at online I guess. 😉

  8. Jenni: Yes it is very pricey and you pay more for the brand than for the color. :(
    I was willing to pay for Particulière though because unlike OPI (who think non-US customers are cash cows) the prices are pretty equal worldwide with $25 in the US and 21,50 EUR in Germany and at least with Chanel you don’t get cashed up as a European customer. :)

    Nea: Love those great news! Thank you so much! :)

    Susanne: I am glad you got it as well hun! :)

    Michèle: Oops! I am so sorry Michèle! It wasn’t my intention to create another taupe lemming after you managed to resist Particulière for such a long time! <3 😀
    Really.. it wasn't.. I swear! 😉 😀

  9. god this is so pretty. i promised myself to not get any more taupes, but now im not so sure anymore.. it looks so pretty and smooth!

  10. The SA told me too that it will be permanent, it’s still hard to get if you want it now (at least in Finland) but it’s possible to get it later. Great!

    I’m still not sure will I buy this, I’m not huge fan of taupes. But in beautiful nails like yours, it sure looks classy!

  11. It’s not special enough in a world of taupes to pay silly-prices. I like it and it suits everyone but I’d pay no more than a fiver for it.

  12. It’s now permanent? Didn’t know that. :)
    It is a nice color, but I’m not really into taupe colors, though I have 2 nail polishes in that color. :)

    And I agree about eBay sellers. 😀

    • I’ve heard the rumor that it now is permanent and the chances that it is true are very high because my local perfumery can still order new stock of it, Vesna. :)
      Unlike Nouvelle Vague (527) which is only released for four weeks and already “ex-d” so they can’t order new stock. :(

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