Date: July 11th, 2010

KOTD: Floral Green

Hi everyone!

Long time no KOTD! Polish Hoarder from wrote in a comment that she misses my KOTDs and I missed them too. I was really stressed lately so I had no time to play with my Konad stuff but today I couldn’t wait any longer and had to do a Konadicure again!

This Konadicure is dedicated to Guillaume who helped me to get my hands on Outta Bounds! :)

China GlazeOutta Bounds, two coats
Konad m64 with China GlazeL8R G8R
Konad m40 with China Glaze2030


In sunshine


This will be the first Konadicure which I will wear to work so I am kinda nervous! 😀

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend! *melts*

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17 thoughts on “KOTD: Floral Green

  1. Chika on said:

    Hey everybody!! If you like the Swatchaholic, come and check out my blog: Konad and polish, the URL is:

    When I hit 50 subscribers I am going to have a giveaway :)

    P.S. I am not trying to be mean or anything to: the swatchaholic, I just really want to have some readers (I JUST made my blog yesterday) and I wanted to email somebody with a lot of followers to say if they could give a shoutout to me but i couldn’t find any emails :( so I hope you guys don’t get mad at me for posting this here :)

  2. Sandy on said:

    Wah, das Grün +_+ und wah, China Glaze allgemein! xD *will haben* Deutsche Drogerie-Märkte müssen auch so armseelig sein… <.<

  3. Ayuu: Thank you! :)

    Aww thanks hun! I am glad you like it, Nora! <3

    You make me blush, Polish Hoarder!
    Oh it was? I must have a thing for green and gold Konadicures then! 😀
    I also love love love to stamp with 2030 or Passion as a second stamping polish for a layered look haha!

  4. I’m so excited that you did another konad design! You are so creative! I love that you alternated the gold stamped design on the tips of your nails! That is just something that would have never crossed my mind to do. I need to start taking notes on your KOTDs! Maybe one day mine will be as nice as yours :) P.S. Did you realize your last one was gold & green too?

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