Date: July 21st, 2010

Chanel Paradoxal (509) – paradoxically there is an almost perfect dupe available!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to post pictures of my Zoya’s Mimi layered with CND’s Amethyst Sparkle manicure but this is an emergency.
With the lovely help of Brittni (thank you so so much!) I got my paws on Chanel‘s next big hyped nail polish Paradoxal (509) today, yay! Paradoxal is as gorgeous as I hoped it would be and I am glad that I could get my hands on it. After a few minutes I thought.. wait.. doesn’t it look familiar? And then I remembered: ModelsOwn – Purple Grey.

Now there is a bummer: Purple Grey is a creme and doesn’t contain the purple shimmer but with the help of a layering nail polish it should be possible to create an almost perfect Paradoxal dupe.

Because it was already too dark outside when I came home and unwrapped the package (love the Chanel wrapping paper!) I only could take mediocre pictures but I will do daylight comparison pictures and swatches on my nails as soon as possible!

But now let’s take a look at why Paradoxal isn’t unique at all:

Crazy close, right? And a close-up:



Paradoxal could be the tiniest tad warmer than Purple Grey but I am not sure if you could see this difference on the nails.
I don’t have many layering nail polishes (yet) and the only shimmery purple layering nail polish I own is CND’s Amethyst Sparkle but I with a shimmer effect like CND’s Violet Shimmer over ModelsOwn’s Purple Grey you should get a great dupe of Paradoxal if you don’t want to spend that much $ or if Paradoxal is always sold out like Particulière.

I hope you found this emergency post helpful and thanks for looking! :)

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19 thoughts on “Chanel Paradoxal (509) – paradoxically there is an almost perfect dupe available!

  1. I am now dying to get my hands on these! So fantastic! Its just such a shame that model’s own is so expensive to ship internationally (minimum 30 pound order with a 14 pound shipping fee- thats like $80 CND :( ) Love the shimmer looks perfect for it!

  2. In search of the dupe! Love it! Great post! I love grey-mix colours but I’m feeling a bit tired of hearing Paradoxal before it’s even release. Rouge Fatal all the way this AW for me!!

  3. I love Paradoxal but will never spend big bucks on a Chanel polish. Same as I will never pay for GHD’s. I just believe there must be something as good for cheaper available. Can’t wait to see your swatches of how this turns out :)

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