Date: July 24th, 2010

Comparison: Chanel – Paradoxal (509) vs. Models Own – Purple Grey layered with CND – Amethyst Sparkle


Hi everyone!

It surely isn’t wrong to say that Chanel’s Paradoxal (509) nail polish from their Fall 2010 collection will be yet another hyped nail polish. Because Paradoxal is a really pretty color I would even dare to say that the hype is justified.

Chanel made beautiful nail polishes in the last time: Particulière, Nouvelle Vague and of course Jade (where I am still not over the fact that Jade wasn’t available in Germany).
However what bugs me is that not only nail polish loving customers are looking forward to the next big Chanel nail polish – no, also ebay sellers love them. And what they love the most is to buy them before the regular nail polish lover can and sell them on ebay for prices which are not only too high but also despicable.

With the help of a great fellow nail polish lover I was able to get my hands on a bottle of Paradoxal for me and my dear friend Susanne and when the envelope arrived it made my day! Paradoxal is gorgeous. It is a stunning color between gray and purple and the purple shimmer is the icing on the cake. But is it really unique?

With Models Own’s Purple Grey there is a great alternative available and if you add a layer of a transparent nail polish with purple shimmer you will have a great and almost perfect dupe.

First let’s take a look at how Paradoxal compares to Purple Grey on its own:

Not bad, right? I don’t know where my camera picked up the darker color of Paradoxal in contrast to Purple Grey but IRL they are closer than the camera makes them appear. Paradoxal’s base color is a tad darker but not as much as the camera shows us. So if you are looking for a non-shimmery version of Paradoxal I recommend to pick up Purple Grey. :)


Because there are great layering nail polishes available like for example the CND effect nail polishes you also can create an even better dupe.
Unfortunately I don’t own CND’s Violet Shimmer – which I think would be one of the best layering options over Purple Grey – but if you love sparkles more than shimmer CND’s Amethyst Sparkle is a great alternative:


The only downside of Purple Grey is that it contains Toluene but besides this it is a great and cheaper creme alternative to Chanel’s Paradoxal.

I hope you found this post helpful and thanks for looking! :)

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31 thoughts on “Comparison: Chanel – Paradoxal (509) vs. Models Own – Purple Grey layered with CND – Amethyst Sparkle

  1. Very nice!!!! I got paradoxal as a birthday gift. It’s nice but not amazing! The shimmer is barely noticable. This is a great mix!!!! Good job!

  2. I’m already sick of hearing Paradoxal! My pick is Chanel Fatal Rouge for AW10! The Models Own/CND version is much better, not a great shimmer fan myself, so I rather have the option of layering shimmer top coats if I want to. Good to know, great post!

  3. Yours looks great! I could never pay those high ebay prices!! But obviously plenty of people are: So it’s the ebay buyers that are the real issue! And I think Chanel likes it that way.

    • Partly it is also the fault of ebay buyers because they are willing to pay such high prices but I do mostly blame the ebay sellers. They sometimes or even often now buy parts of the stocks before the regular customer can, jkb. :(

  4. aaminahs mom on said:

    nice post with alternatives unfortunately in the us models own isn’t availible–have u tried that experiment with $opi metro chic and cnd?

  5. Models Own Purple Grey is one of my absolute faves and you made me love it even more! :) THANK YOU! I’m so glad I discovered your blog. :)

  6. Whooooaaaa!!! Nearly identical! I like the Models Own/CND BETTER! That “hidden shimmer” is such a tease, ya know?

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