Date: September 5th, 2010

NOTD: Lancôme – Indigo Paris aka the nail polish I should have worn way earlier

Hi everyone!

Long, very long time no post – I am so sorry guys! The last weeks have been crazy and the sooner disappearing daylight hasn’t helped either when I am home late. I think it’s time.. time to buy a light box. Do you have recommendations? I am thinking about buying one from the German evilbay soon and I would love to read about your experiences with premade light boxes and their lighting.

Before I can’t stop chatting about light boxes let me show you a nail polish I’ve neglected for way too long: Lancôme’s Indigo Paris from their 2009 (!) Declaring Indigo collection.
This is the first time I am wearing this nail polish. It was sitting since the end of last year or the beginning of this year in my Helmer waiting to be worn – I should feel ashamed because this nail polish is beyond stunning:

Lancôme – Indigo Paris, two coats


Breathtaking, right? 😮
Indigo Paris unfortunately wasn’t cheap – I payed 20 Euros on the German Lancôme website but I think it is worth every cent. The color, the shimmer, the smooth application – I love everything about this nail polish. If you still have the chance to get your hands on this baby I highly recommend to pick it up. It is expensive ($18 in the US I think) but if you love blue nail polishes and don’t mind spending that much for a bottle of nail polish you won’t regret it.

As you surely already have noticed I have developed a love for layering nail polishes. During the week I don’t always have the time to remove my manicure and to apply a new nail polish (even with fast drying top coat: floss is the enemy of in the evening applied manicures!) so I love to apply a coat of a layering nail polish for a new look.
After wearing Indigo Paris for two or three days I wanted to spice it up. Not that Indigo Paris is in the need of beeing spiced up but even nail polish addicts can get bored of a nail polish. 😀
I hope you are seated well because I think how CND’s Sugar Sparkle looks layered over Indigo Paris might blow you away. 😀 Doesn’t this layering look like a clear, wintery sky at night? ♥ *le sigh* ♥

Lancôme – Indigo Paris, two coats
CND – Sugar Sparkle, one coat


Which is your favorite shimmery blue nail polish?
Have a great Sunday and thanks for looking! ♥

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26 thoughts on “NOTD: Lancôme – Indigo Paris aka the nail polish I should have worn way earlier

  1. kaylan hay on said:

    i am sooooooo jealous you have the nicest nails!!! whats your secret! this blue color is amazing on you! i dont own any of the cnd effect polishes but this makes me want to!

    • Aww thank you so much Kaylan! :)
      I used to have thin nails but since I use a glass nail file and OPI Nail Envy as a base coat and always have nail polish on my nails they became much stronger. HTH. :)

  2. I just adore Indigo Paris! I bought it when it was newish (10/09) and I am down to less than half a bottle. I NEVER use that much of a color. My toes just look wrong with anything else on them!

    • Hi dessert!

      I looked at them in the bottle – side by side – and unfortunately they do look different. The shimmer in Indigo Paris is finer and also the color is different. I thought they were closer but the color of Eyeko’s Indigo Polish looks more blue toned where Lancôme’s Indigo Paris looks more indigo. I am sorry. :(

  3. Jenny$1983 on said:

    What beautiful layering, as always :)

    Does anybody know how this compares to Indigo Polish (for Sultry nails) by Eyeko? I just got it in the post this morning and I’m just wondering :)

  4. Hi there
    Have you any tips to avoid splitting nails? I’ve been having problems with splitting, peeling nails since I started to wear nailpolish more often.Thanks

    • Hi Alyson,
      I had the same problem as you now have that my nails started to peel when I started to wear nail polish all the time. Every nails react different to the chemicals in nail polish so it is hard to say which exact item could cause the peeling and splitting on your nails. In my case it was the base coat which caused the peeling and after I switched to another base coat the peeling stopped. Which base and top coats are you using?

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