Date: January 2nd, 2011

Comparison: Chanel – Riva vs. Eyeko – Pastel Polish aka hi I am an almost dupe

Hi guys! The daylight has been nice to me and I am in the mood for a new manicure so I thought why not compare Chanel’s latest hyped nail polish Riva with it’s possible dupe Pastel Polish from Eyeko first?

Index and ring finger: Chanel – Riva, three coats
Middle finger and pinkie: Eyeko – Pastel Polish, three coats

Pastel Polish is not a 100% dupe for Riva but they are very close. The only differences are that Riva has a more jelly formula while Pastel Polish is more a creme nail polish. Both have a subtle blue shimmer only the shimmer in Pastel Polish is a bit more obvious on the nails. The last difference is that Pastel Polish is a tad more blue and less aqua than Riva.
The formula of both is also comparable. Both are a bit tricky but manageable.

All in all Pastel Polish is a great but not perfect dupe for Chanel’s Riva. If you don’t mind the minor differences and are on a budget Eyekos’s Pastel Polish is a great substitute for Riva.

Thanks for looking! :)
I will be back to work tomorrow but I am looking forward to make my first blog post with lightbox pictures.
Have a great week guys!

Pastel Polish was received by Eyeko for review consideration. For more info please view my disclosure.

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33 thoughts on “Comparison: Chanel – Riva vs. Eyeko – Pastel Polish aka hi I am an almost dupe

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    • You are right, sparris. The Eyeko polish was released first but Chanel announced Riva (the color) half a year or more before they released the actual polish on the nails of the models during a fashion show so it is not easy to say who was first. Plus both are not the first baby blue nail polishes ever made anyhow. :)

  2. Thank you very much for this great comparison ! I added a link to your article in my last post since I decided to review the pastel polish too, and your article is a great way to prove my words about its ‘dupability’ :)
    … and your pictures are wonderful!

  3. ReaderRita on said:

    Boy, those are REALLY close. On my screen, they look absolutely identical. I’ll take your word about the color differences, because I certainly can’t discern them. Eyeko Pastel Polish, here I come! Thank you for the awesome money saving swatches!!!

  4. Thanks for the great comp! I figured they’d be really close but since I don’t have Riva I couldn’t be sure. Nice to know I don’t need to start saving for the Chanel! 😉
    V. recently posted..Tipped in GlitterMy Profile

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