Date: January 8th, 2011

KOTD: Subtle leopard with Konad m57

Hi guys! Before I remove my Soirée manicure tomorrow I wanted to spice it up with a subtle Konad stamping. I love subtle konadicures which you only can see when you look at nails twice. The perfect metallic stamping nail polish for MAC’s Soirée nail polish from the Cham Pale collection (or it’s possible dupe Orly Rage) is China Glaze’s Hi-Tek from the Khrome Fall/Winter 2009 collection. Oh Khrome collection how I love thee! Hi-Tek is a bit lighter than Soirée and this and the metallic texture make it perfect for a subtle but visible konadicure over a color like Soirée. :)

MAC – Soirée, two coats
Konad – m57 leopard pattern with China Glaze – Hi-Tek
Poshe – Super Fast Drying Top Coat, one coat

Do you like subtle konadicures? If yes what’s your favorite?

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend guys! ♥

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35 thoughts on “KOTD: Subtle leopard with Konad m57

  1. Very nice. I have been tempted to try the stamping, but most I have seen are a bit much. This is very classy & understated (says the lady with 5 different colors of polish on teste “test” them)

  2. Stephanie on said:

    Wow I LOVE it!! Can you easily use normal polishes with Konad? I’m still not sure I can get it or how easy it is

    • Thank you Stephanie! :)
      You can use normal polishes for Konad too if they are opaque enough. One coaters are very promising and also holo nail polishes (not the China Glaze Kaleidoscope polishes though) are great for stamping. HTH!

  3. My two recent konad obsessions are zebra and leopard stamps. This design reminds me more of lace than leopard but I really like it! It have beautiful shine and I guess goes with many outfits :)

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