Date: January 13th, 2011

Comparison: China Glaze – Below Deck vs. China Glaze – Channelesque

Hi guys! Unfortunately my new lamps still haven’t arrived but with the help of a lot of color correction the picture taken with the warmer replacement lamps on one side turned out ok. I am not 100% happy because the color of Below Deck in the bottle of the swatches below looks off because the warmer lighting was coming from the left but the swatches on my nails are as color accurate as possible.
I have added the picture above from my bottle comparison post which gives a more true impression of Channelesque and Below Deck.

But now to the interesting part. :) Is Below Deck from the Anchors Away Spring 2011 collection a perfect dupe for the long discontinued Channelesque? Almost. Let’s take a look at why nail polish lovers still will be happy to get their hands on Below Deck:

Index and ring finger: China Glaze – Channelesque, two coats
Middle finger and pinkie: China Glaze – Below Deck, two coats

I wouldn’t call Below Deck a perfect but a good dupe. Channelesque is a tad lighter and warmer than Below Deck but I am happy to see China Glaze release a very similar color after so many nail polish lovers were sad when Channelesque got discontinued.

To have an even clearer impression of how the color of Below Deck compares to Channelesque I made a picture with color fields of both. Please keep in mind that colors can change depending on your computer screen, though. :(

Both colors are so close that I even kept the comparison swatches on my left hand and just applied Below Deck on my left thumb and right hand for a full manicure. 😀
Wearing this all day I also recognized that in some lighting Below Deck and Channelesque look identical and in some lighting they look different like in the swatches above.

The formula of Below Deck compared to Channelesque is thicker but I had no issues with the application of Below Deck. Channelesque has the old formula with Toluene.

Thanks for looking and have a great rest of the week guys! ♥

Below Deck was received by China Glaze for review consideration. For more info please view my disclosure.

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18 thoughts on “Comparison: China Glaze – Below Deck vs. China Glaze – Channelesque

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    • Yes taupe and mushroom colors were available from almost every brand in 2010 Lindsay. What makes me happy though is that China Glaze listened to its fans and brought a color similar to Channelesque back. :)

    • You are very welcome Blu11!
      The formula of Below Deck was good but thicker than Channelesque. Will add it to the post now. :)
      Channelesque smells bad because it is the old formula with Toluene. :(

    • You are very welcome Zara! I was lucky to find it on ebay over a year ago for me and a friend for the retail price but now – if it is available online – it is much more expensive. :(

    • The differences between Channelesque and Below Deck are very minor in my opinion too Jenni. :)
      Maybe in direct sunlight (no sunlight here in days :() they could be more visible but in the lightbox, in daylight and in the artificial lighting in my apartment they are so close!

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