Date: January 14th, 2011

Haul: Catherine Arley holo nail polishes

Happy Friday guys! :)
I am in heaven. Holo nail polish heaven. You surely remember Deniz lemming creating Holo Craze blog post where she showed us beautiful holo nail polishes from the turkish brand Catherine Arley.

Because you can’t ship nail polishes out of Turkey anymore nail polish lovers including me were sad because it seemed that there is no way we could get our hands on them. But the hopes came back when Sideral posted a link to a Bulgarian online store which sells them and ships international. Of course I had to order 19 of the 20 nail polish Deniz showed in her post. I only left out #807 and I couldn’t be happier.

Eagerly I waited for the holo nail polishes and today they arrived. Holo Craze indeed!

There is a downside though. The nail polishes unfortunately were packed without any bubblewrap or filling material in thin cardboard boxes. Three of my nail polishes were even outside of the cardboard boxes laying in the box they were shipped in and #668 – a tan holo nail polish – broke:

Of course broken nail polish bottles can happen. I’ve had a broken nail polish before in a well packed package and if you sometimes see how delivery services handle packages, throw them around, maybe even throw them on the ground etc. it is a miracle that most of our orders arrive save.
I am very glad that the store has Catherine Arley nail polishes and shipped them international though. Because sadly there are quite some complains now with this online store and they might stop shipping nail polishes international after they have received complains about broken nail polishes.

The search for another online store or seller that sells Catherine Arley nail polishes international continues.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend guys! ♥

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45 thoughts on “Haul: Catherine Arley holo nail polishes

  1. Silvia on said:

    Teehee I am from Bulgaria and we have those nail polishes everywhere, it’s strange how you guys are ordering from a Bulgarian website. Bust these are one of the best nailpolishes I have used :)

  2. Sahar Khan on said:

    Hey swatchaholic =D

    So read all your posts about these crazy holos!!

    Seems all us nail addicts are after the same online retailer in Bulgaria.

    I have emailed them but wanted to ask you as you mentioned in one of your replies,

    1) do they offer payment via PayPal?

    2)And did they tell you how much shipping was going to be before making the payment on Paypal?

    Looking forward to your reply.



    • Hi Sahar! :)

      Yes they offer payment via paypal. You can tell them your paypal addy during the checkout in the comment field and they will send you an invoice later. When I checked the last time paypal wasn’t included during the checkout so when you request payment via paypal they will tell you the shipping costs when they send you an paypal invoice.

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