Date: May 16th, 2011

NOTD: Ozotic Pro – Rainforest (503) or green multichrome deliciousness

NOTD Ozotic Pro 503 swatch swatches duochrome multichrome

Hi everyone! :)
Lately I am on a duochrome kick! It started when I finally could get my hands on Nubar Peacock Feathers and then the Aussie brand Ozotic with their new Elytra collection was discussed on Twitter. Ozotics also has fabulous multichrome nail polishes and when the Girls from piCture pOlish annouced they will have a new Ozotic Multi Chromatic with the number 503 in their online store I couldn’t resist any longer and ordered it. πŸ˜€

This nail polish is breathtaking. Let’s take a look at why you might want 503 in your life if you love duochrome and multichrome nail polishes:

NOTD Ozotic Pro 503 swatch swatches duochrome multichrome
NOTD Ozotic Pro 503 swatch swatches duochrome multichrome
Availability Ozotic Pro nail polishes
You can buy Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic nail polishes on for currently $14.95 AUD a bottle. They ship international.
Coats used
Ozotic Pro – Rainforest (503): two
American Apparel – Hassis (black creme): one
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Essie Good To Go

503 is my first Ozotic Multi Chromatic nail polish and I am not sure if this is the case with other Multi Chromatics too but you need to wear a base color under it because its base is almost clear. At first I was disappointed that the base is almost clear but then I thought about the endless layering options this formula makes possible. It is packed with stunning multichromatic shimmer in green whichs color changes from purple to teal back to green and then to olive green and probably even more colors depending on the lighting. In daylight it also shows it’s beige/almost taupe-ish shimmer. Wow. It’s like wearing a chameleon on your nails!

I shorted my nails on the weekend in case you are wondering. Every other weekend my nails get pampered with not only filing them but also buffing the tips and sometimes also the nailbeds and using Nfu.Oh’s Cuticle Remover. I love this stuff! πŸ˜€

Do you love duochromes or multichromes too or even already fell in love as well with Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatics?

Thanks for looking and have a great start of the week! β™₯ :)

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64 thoughts on “NOTD: Ozotic Pro – Rainforest (503) or green multichrome deliciousness

  1. This is a quick FYI…

    OZOTIC have what they are calling “a backup plan” and a few of their very popular discontinued colours are taking another bow!

    Rainforest (503) is in the “plan” on OZOTIC’s website and is selling for $11 AUD

    Hope someone finds this info useful :)

  2. naillover on said:

    A good dupe for this is Not Like The Movies by OPI from The Katy Perry collection! I’m not sure if they still have it but it looks identical to this color when layered over a polish :)

    • Sadly Not Like The Movies is no dupe for Ozotic Pro 503 Rainforest, naillover. :( The green is very strong and bright in Rainforest and more muted in Not Like The Movies. Same with the purple.

      I wish 503 wouldn’t have been discontinued but I bought a backup before it was gone. πŸ˜€

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