Date: May 25th, 2011

NOTD: BB Couture – Ashes

NOTD BB Couture Ashes nail polish swatch swatches

Hi everyone! :)
Yesterday evening the true nail polish blogger drama happened: I cut my pointer right next to the nailbed on my swatching hand! 😮 Thank you very much evil The Body Shop plastic packaging! Now I will have to wait a few days or even a week till I can change my manicure or make new swatches. Luckily – and now a huge thank you to my cheap though lovely and nail polish blogger life saving lightbox – I have taken pictures of my last two manicures and a comparison which I can post till my boo boo is healed.

Today I’d like to show you BB Couture Ashes – a beautiful muted brown shimmer which unexpectedly showed a second color in my lightbox:

NOTD BB Couture Ashes nail polish swatch swatches
NOTD BB Couture Ashes nail polish swatch swatches
Availability BB Couture nail polishes
You can buy BB Couture nail polishes on for currently $9.95 USD a bottle. Kim (the ♥ and owner of Overall Beauty) ships international.
BB Couture seems to have an online store to on but I don’t know if they ship international.
Coats used
BB Couture – Ashes: two
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Essie – Good To Go
Ashes was sent to me by Kim from Overall Beauty for review consideration.

Depending on with which angle the light hits the nail Ashes looks like a muted brown or a muted brown with a slight green flash. My lightbox shows the green flash more obvious than it is on the nails though.
Ashes was a bliss to apply. With one thick coat it could have been a one coater but out of habit I applied two coats.

Have you tried BB Couture nail polishes and if yes which are your favorites?

I really hope the wound on my index finger will heal fast. Because I don’t want to have it on my pictures I will retouch it though I think. It surely will leave a little scar too. *pouts* *shakes fist at The Body Shop plastic packaging*

Thanks for looking! ♥ :)

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20 thoughts on “NOTD: BB Couture – Ashes

  1. Kate & Zena on said:

    Aww, I’m sorry you got a boo-boo. Although, I don’t get why you’re going to retouch the scar. Why not show it? I have quite a few scars and I’m rather proud of them (esp. the two on my face). They make me different from everyone else. I’m weird that way, I guess.

    No, no, you know what sort of packaging I detest? The corrugated plastic stuff that you have to cut open with a scissors. It’s like, “Okay, why did you stick my product between two pieces of plastic then practically melt the edges together?” It never fails I will get a pair of “paper” cuts (even though I got them from plastic) AND a cut from the scissors.

    • Thank you Kate & Zena! A scar or the healing wound would annoy me on the pictures so I think I will retouch it. :)

      Plastic packaging with melted edges is the worst yes! :(

    • Thank you Sandy! I might have Misa’s It’s You but I think the green flash in It’s You is more visible than in Ashes. I need to look if I really have It’s You in my collection and check. :)

  2. Really, a one coater?! I’m impressed. I really love this color, I know you said it was brown, but it looks almost olive green to me. Maybe that is just the green flash!

    • I was impressed too VarnishVixen! :) It’s a one coater when you apply one thicker coat or a two coater of you apply two thin coats. :)
      The green flash more obvious in the pictures than it is in real life. IRL Ashes is a very muted dark brown. Speaking makeup it looks as if some M.A.C Satin Taupe eye shadow was mixed with a shimmery black. :)

  3. Oh gosh, poor baby! Ouch. :(
    This is a gorgeous color! One I don’t have. I am a huge fan of BB Couture greens, if you don’t have any of those I highly recommend them. Of course, I also love the jellies, they’re amazing too!
    Nicole recently posted..Wet N Wild Ocean GrottoMy Profile

    • *sniffs* My poor swatching hand Nicole. :(
      Oh.. jellies? Which ones are your faves? I’ve heard great things about their greens too. I have quite a few on my wishlist. 😀

  4. MissMidnightBlue on said:

    I love this color!

    I have never tried any BB polishes I’m dying to try some though. haha

    Aww poor boo boo :( I hope it heals soon. :) <3

    • Thank you Smoochie! I am not a happy bunny because of the boo boo. It’s about 2-3 mm wide and 1 cm high. My poor swatching hand. *sniffs* I hope the scar won’t be too big but I think I will retouch it anyway. :(

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