Date: May 29th, 2011

NOTD: A England – Perceval

A England Perceval nail polish swatch swatches metallic red NOTD

Hi everyone! :)
Today I was finally brave enough to remove my old manicure after the cut on my index finger seemed to be headled enough to handle one round of nail polish remover and it was yay! A longer swatch session probably would have opened it though *shudders* so I have to wait with swatch sessions till it’s completely healed.

Last week Adina from A England sent me four nail polish for review which I wanted to swatch this weekend but because of my boo boo this unfortunately wasn’t possible. Because I was so curious about their formula I decided to wear them one by one though. :)

A England is a new brand from the UK which entered the nail polish world in January 2011. New brands are always exciting for me especially when there is such a polished concept behind the names and their artwork.

The first A England nail polish I am showing you today is Perceval – a metallic red.

A England Perceval nail polish swatch swatches metallic red NOTD
A England Perceval nail polish swatch swatches metallic red NOTD
Availability A England nail polishes
You can buy A England nail polishes on for currently £9.50 a bottle. A England ships international.
Coats used
A England – Perceval: two
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Seche – Seche Vite
A England nail polishes contain 13 ml.
Perceval was sent to me by A England for review consideration.

The formula of Perceval was great. Not too thin and not too thick. With one thick coat Perceval might have been opaque but I prefer thinner coats so I applied two. The brush was good. When I had a lot of nail polish on the brush the tip of the brush got rather thick though so I would recommend to use thinner coats in general.
Right now I couldn’t think of a dupe for Perceval because I only have one other metallic red with China Glaze’s Red Stallion in my collection. Red Stallion is lighter though. Sadly I don’t have OPI’s An Affair in Red Square but guessing from swatches I would say An Affair in Red Square is lighter too.

I am not really familiar with the history of knights but I do love the concept of A England. Under the link A England Glossary you can read the story/history behind every name of A England’s nail polishes. Perceval is described as:

Perceval – the guileless knight
The elect one to witness the Grail for the first time and one of the heroes of its quest. A simple, innocent man, alone in the world who accidentally meets a group of the King’s knights and decides to become one of them.

Have you tried A England nail polishes and if yes which are your favorites?

Thanks for looking and have a great week! ♥ :)

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22 thoughts on “NOTD: A England – Perceval

  1. Your nails look amazing, as always! And how lucky are you to access to such great brands like A-England? I have been forever wanting Lady of the Lake and one ther, a purple-ish one. Someday I will have! Ha!i keep telling myself that. If I ever do get to visit Europe I will spend all my time in nail polish stores!
    Hope allis well you!
    Xoxo- Judi

  2. I am in love with the look of the A-England polishes, this one is stunning and I have been wanting Ladyof the Lake, and another one that slips y mind, a purple-iish one. You are uck to access to such great nail varnishes.
    And your nails are gorge! Btw.
    Xoxo– Judi

  3. I know you won’t allow links in the comments. But i found an auction on ebay for this polish using your picture. I don’t know, if the person asked you for permission, but if not, maybe you want to do something.
    *link removed*
    Greetings and sorry for my english ^^

    • Thank you so much for letting me know Nyxx! It really is a shame how many ebay sellers are stealing pictures. :( At least you can report them on evilbay.
      I have removed the link so that the seller doesn’t get any more attention.:)

  4. MissMidnightBlue on said:

    I’m not a big red fan but I do like some reds (I’m very picky about them) this one I love! I think it looks GORGEOUS on you. :*

  5. Rebecca on said:

    Such a pretty color! I love metallic reds but for some reason I only own 1. :/ And your nails look amazing as always!

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