Date: June 23rd, 2011

NOTD: Essence – 05 BBC Golden Sands from the Sun Club Bondi Beach Summer 2011 collection

Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach 05 BBC Golden Sands nail polish swatch swatches

Hi everyone!
Today I painted my nails with a nail polish I thought I couldn’t get my paws on anymore: Essence 05 BBC Golden Sands from their Sun Club Bondi Beach collection. The collection is already out since May here and it includes five nail polishes. A pink, a Tiffany blue, a medium blue with a teal hue, a bright orange and a bronze gold.

At my local drugstore I could buy the first four but either the bronze gold was already sold out or the drugstore got a smaller display again in which not all products are included – which sadly already happened with the Holographics collection where the smaller display was missing Lilac and Holoberry. 😮
Luckily last week I finally found Golden Sands at a drugstore on my way to work. 😀

Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach 05 BBC Golden Sands nail polish swatch swatches
Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach 05 BBC Golden Sands nail polish swatch swatches
Availability Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach nail polishes
Currently the Essence Bondi Beach collection is available at drugstores that sell Essence and their limited editions in Europe. The Bondi Beach nail polishes retail for 1,75/1,79 Euro. The US Essence website says it is currently available in the US too but usually the collections are released a few months later than in Europe.
Coats used
Essence – 05 BBC Golden Sands: two
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Essie – Good To Go

Yum! My skintone might be too light for a color like Golden Sands (I keep wanting to write Golden Spurs which sadly is still one of my untrieds) but it’s so pretty to look at. It applies a tiny bit gritty but for a reason I don’t mind: bronze gold glitter flecks! Essence.. please make more nail polishes with glitter or glass flecks. 😀

Besides the little grittiness (which funnily matches the name Golden Sands) the nail polish applied really well and was opaque after two medium coats. On my nail wheel I needed three though.
I am really happy that I found it after it has been sold out for weeks at my local drugstore. If you love gold nail polishes and a store near you sells Essence including their limited editions I recommend to pick it up.

Do you like gold nail polishes and if yes which one is your favorite?

Thanks for looking and have a great rest of the week! ♥

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36 thoughts on “NOTD: Essence – 05 BBC Golden Sands from the Sun Club Bondi Beach Summer 2011 collection

  1. meme on said:

    Never heard of this brand before. Curious what drugstore you found yours at??? If it’s a chain drug store or what? I don’t need another gold metallic, but this one is super nice. Not grainy from gold glitter, but a nice true gold metallic that is not looking at least here to be too bright and flashy.

    • Essence is a German drugstore brand which is now also available in the US since half a year or more at Ulta stores, meme. They usually get the Essence limited editions a few months after Europe so the Sun Club Bondi Beach collection should be available in a month maybe? It’s best to ask your local Ulta tough if you are from the US. :)

    • Golden Sands could work for stamping Anutka. Maybe some edges of a motif could be not as sharp because of the glitter flecks in it and it might not be super opaque but as a subtle gold stamping over shimmery browns or shimmery dark reds it should look great!

      Now that Essence also releases their limited editions in the US the chances should be high that the Sun Club Bondi Beach collection will be released soon. It’s out since May here and usually you get the collections around 2 months after our release dates. Maybe you could ask a store that sells Essence when it will be released or ask the Essence US Twitter team? HTH! :)

    • Do you need a napkin Rie? 😀
      I hope the Sun Club Bondi Beach collection will be released in the US soon too! The orange and pink cremes from the collection are nice too. :)

  2. Hannah on said:

    How do you so perfectly apply your polish? Your cuticles are never flooded which is always my issue!

    • Thank you so much Hannah!
      I used to have flooded cuticles too (I can be so impatient while applying nail polish) but then I started to apply the nail polish about 0,5 – 1 mm away from the cuticle which helped me a lot. I also clean up my manicures around the cuticles and nail bed with pure acetone and an angled brush when the nail polish is dry. HTH! :)

    • Thank you Naomi!
      Please understand that I had to remove your link from your comment. Your name in the top of your comment is already linked with your blog and commenta like “hi.. please follow me.. link” are considered as link spam and included links will be deleted.

    • Thank you Nailderella! :)
      I am always careful with yellow gold nail polishes because they can be tricky with my pale skintone with yellow undertones. Worse than yellow golds are light peach nail polishes though. They look so weird on my. 😮

  3. I have been tirelessly stalking the new Essence stuff here in Portland Oregon….nothing yet….soooo frustrating. If I can’t find the magnetics at the new Ulta grand opening tomorrow, I might just give up.

    • I am so sorry you are having a hard time finding the new Essence products, Melissa. :( Do you know for sure the magnetics will be available in the US? I am crossing my fingers they will be! Have you heard about the LCN magnetics Polish Galore blogged about?

  4. As much as it seems to be a fashion right now I don’t like glass flecks. I am glad I left this polish at the store the only time I saw it available. The colour reminds me of the Catrice Amazonian Gold from the Papagena LE, I haven’t tried it yet though. I’m pretty sure you swatched that one, too, do you think the colour is similar?
    Simona recently posted..Kiko: 320 Malva Beige (Mauve Beige)My Profile

    • Aww no glass fleck love Simona? :(

      Yes I made nail wheel swatches of the Catrice Papagena nail polishes. :) In comparison to Golden Sands Catrice’s Amazonian Gold is lighter and more light gold than bronze gold. Also Amazonian Gold doesn’t contain glass/glitter flecks.

  5. I really like this gold nail polish! I keep looking for a gold that doesn’t pull “champagne” on my skin and this looks like it might work! The bronze flecks are a really nice touch.
    VarnishVixen recently posted..Zoya RicaMy Profile

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