Date: August 17th, 2011

NOTD: OPI – Man of la Mancha over OPI – OPI Ink or how quickly I cave in when I see gorgeous swatches

OPI Man of la Mancha over OPI Ink swatch

It happens so fast. One gorgeous swatch, a huge lemming is created, the check for availability and just minutes later the purchase. This happened when I saw Sam’s swatches of OPI Man of la Mancha, which is a sadly long discontinued multichrome. Of course I had to check evilbay immediately and there is was.. and just seconds later it was purchased. 😀

Today I’d like to show you this beauty layered over OPI Ink and I also have some bad but also some good news for you guys.
The bad news are that while wearing this manicure one of my nails of my swatching hand broke pretty deep – about 3 mm above the visible nail line – which means a swatching break for me for at least two weeks till it is even grown back to a nubbin.

Thankfully I still have swatches including the Essence’s Nails in Style and Catrice’s Out of Space nail polishes and also a couple of NOTDs as well as my Fall frankens but still it would be a bit more silent than usual here.

There are good news though! :) Before I was moving flat I already started to ask for possible guest bloggers but then had to stop when I saw that I wouldn’t have the possibility to post them during moving. Now because of my boo-boo I continued to ask some of my favorite bloggers and will have fabulous guest posts while my poor nail is growing back yay!

Be prepared to see many gorgeous nails and manicures! :)

But now let’s take a look at why nail polishes like OPI Man of la Mancha need to be released again:

OPI Man of la Mancha over OPI Ink swatch
OPI Man of la Mancha over OPI Ink swatch
OPI Man of la Mancha over OPI Ink swatch
Coats used
OPI – Man of la Mancha: one
OPI – OPI Ink: three
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: A England – The Shield
OPI nail polishes contain 15 ml.

Please dear nail polish companies make more gorgeous multichromes! Man of la Mancha was more opaque than for example OPI Movin’ Out which is why you don’t see much of the dark purple from OPI Ink. Its multichrome shimmer is much more dense even with just one thin to medium coat. *le sigh* We need more multichromes. ♥

Do you love multichromes as much as I do? If yes which are your favorites? :)

Thanks for looking and have a great week! ♥ :)

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61 thoughts on “NOTD: OPI – Man of la Mancha over OPI – OPI Ink or how quickly I cave in when I see gorgeous swatches

  1. i went dusty hunting and saw this one and grabbed it! it didnt have a label though, so i had to do a looott of digging in google images 😀 thanks for the name of my dusty!

  2. Hi,

    I’ve only recently added you on my GFC (silly me) and I have to thank you for making me feel less alone in falling so easily for Sam’s swatches: the minute I saw her layering of Movin’Out, it went straight in my Ebay purchase list!!! Though I have to admit my hands are way less pretty than yours (especially right now, they’re all nubbins…). Beautiful swatches!!
    Fairy Lélie recently posted..Nubar GemMy Profile

  3. Oh nooo, this was not nice!! And by that I mean, I am now set back by 34$ for this incredible beauty. Shame on you 😉 😉 😉

  4. Ehmm, well, i don’t like it…i prefer a shifting like from turquoise to purple, blue to green and black to red which is also my dream polish. This polish is too warm in tone, and i don’t like orange…sorry.
    July recently posted..Deborah #60My Profile

  5. Goodness knows how quickly I cave–you have gorgeous swatches yourself! And I’ve been hunting down HTFs all week on *that place* LOL

    I am absolutely INSANE over multichromes. In fact, I just told my husband that for our 19th anniversary, I wanted some Ozotics as my gift LOL

    WHY don’t more companies make multichromes? I’m begging Zoya…we’ll see. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE UNICORN/DRAGON PEE.

    Sorry about your boo boo! May I recommend Qtica’s nail lengthener? I’ve been using it for a little over 2 1/2 weeks and my nails are growing fast! (no affiliation w/ the company, just love em).

    Thanks for yet another polish I MUST have 😉
    ManicuredSlayer recently posted..OPI–Serena Williams’ Collection: Grape Freeze ManicureMy Profile

  6. Gosh, this over Ink really looks like a very early duochrome (more like tri-chrome) that Nicole-OPI came out with when Nicole was only about 2 yrs old if even that. I am still kicking myself for having disposed of that shade. At the time (like late 80’s) it looked sort of weird and did not really ‘go’ with anything. I thought that the concept was cool – it had to be the first duo chrome I ever saw – but I just was not into the colors in it – oh and back then polish did not have always the right finish and this one was a tish frost, but not much. I always think of that Nicole I had (and there were 3 of them in that group (it was before collections really) – one had more purple, green, gold. One was more ruby, purple, gold – but when I see Space Cadet, I always think of those really early Nicoles.

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