Date: August 30th, 2011

Guest post: Nicole from Nightly Nails makes us crave China Glaze’s Martini Pedicure

After seeing the following post you will (if you weren’t) wish you were into nail polish in 2005. Please enjoy the wonderful guest post by the lovely โ™ฅ Nicole from Nightly Nails!

Hi everyone! Jeanette asked me to do a guest post for her amazing and drool-inducing blog, and I couldn’t be more honoured. Or nervous! So I hope you will all enjoy this post.
Let me show you my insanity. I’m a China Glaze fangirl, which you may already be aware of, if you read my blog. I won a giveaway last year of the entire Martini Pedicure collection in the original packaging. This collection was originally released in 2005 – that’s quite a while back in the world of nail polish releases! I have been – well, let’s just say it – hoarding this collection. I have not even opened it!

Guest Post Nightly Nails China Glaze Martini Pedicure

Can you even believe that? I know, it’s madness. Well, when Jeanette asked me to do a post for her, I pondered it, and then I thought I might as well break into the precious box and swatch one of these lovelies for her! So I chose the namesake of the collection, Martini Pedicure. This is a seafoam turquoise green glass fleck jelly – a finish that China Glaze is famous for. It’s lovely! This is a pretty sheer jelly, so I used three thick coats to achieve this level of opacity. I think the name is apt, because I think this would be adorable on your toes!

Guest Post Nightly Nails China Glaze Martini Pedicure
Guest Post Nightly Nails China Glaze Martini Pedicure

What a gorgeous color. I think my second photo is the most true to life in terms of color. Now, I’m sorry to say,but because this is an older collection, this is a pretty rare find. You might have to check Ebay or hunt it down in your local dusties to get it into your collection, but it’s definitely worth it!
I hope you enjoyed my post, and thanks especially to Jeanette for having me!

Why oh why wasn’t I into nail polish in 2005? ๐Ÿ˜€ I love glass flecks and the Martini Pedicure bottle pics.. oh my! And the nail polish Martini Pedicure itself? So so gorgeous on your nails, Nicole! :) Thank you so much for sharing this beauty!

Thanks for looking and have a great week! โ™ฅ

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40 thoughts on “Guest post: Nicole from Nightly Nails makes us crave China Glaze’s Martini Pedicure

    • I am very grateful that Nicole shared this beautiful collection and her gorgeous swatches with us too, Nailderella! :) I love to look at older nail polishes too – the only problem is when such a huge lemming is created that you need them but can’t find them anywhere haha!

      • But when you do find ’em – and while looking, you know from these great swatch archives bloggers are creating of the older ones, what you REALLY want to be lemming for vs. meh, not so much like you thought. Some are into totally completing older collections – I like to pick up the ones that speak most to me.

        • Yes that’s definitely true. When you hear raves about a VHTF/HTF but couldn’t find good swatches before you purchase it there is always a risk that you might end up don’t liking it as much as you thought. :(
          Good swatches are so helpful! :)

  1. I’m still hunting down 4 of the 6 colors in this collection but I feel so extremely lucky that one of the ones I own is Martini Pedicure. It is so, so beautiful! I love the gorgeous mani Nicole did with it and her photos really capture that dazzling yet delicate glass fleck sparkle! *drools* I want to do a pedi with this polish so bad but I feel like it’s too precious and a “nails only” polish, lol!
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  2. I have only seen these rarely on eBay and my eye always goes to them. I also was not shopping polish much in 2005 due to some huge medical bills. I only kind of watched OPI shade releases and even barely bought a few of those. This is been a collection late in coming to my eyes and I have a big lemming for them.

  3. Isabel on said:

    That’s funny – guess what I chose to put on my toes just two days ago? I stumbled over my bottle of Martini Pedicure in one of my untried-boxes and put it on. And it’s as beautiful as in these pictures indeed. I feel like I should be trying Shaken Not Stirred from this collection as well soon…

      • beachgal on said:

        Very low I would say…I need to hover around on the secondary market more looking for at least some of these – when I have looked I run into a very few of ’em randomly and always loose by bidding thus far – but going to nab a few at some point. I just won’t pay those impossible VHTF prices. I can just see myself drinking an equally colorful smoothy that matches one of the shades I pick up from this collection, then sit and sip while I paint my toe same shade as I am sipping!!!

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