Date: October 17th, 2011

NOTD: BB Couture – Dragon’s Breath or.. please stop me from ever experimenting with other nail treatments besides my beloved Nail Envy

BB Couture Dragon's Breath Dragons Breath swatch swatches

Hi guys! :)
Phew where do I start? Remember when I moved flat in August and suffered from breaking and peeling nails? I then wanted them to grow back fast and used the Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator which sadly was a desaster for my nails. Sadly because the growing was spectacular!
Because my nails seem to depend on treatments with formaldehyde or they disagreed with other ingredients in the Natural Nail Grown Stimulator so I had to stop using it. I went back to my beloved OPI Nail Envy but then due a dresser drawer which gnawed on one nail and broke it about 3 mm above VNL again I was desperate for fastly growing back nails.. which is where I made mistake number 2. This time I used Nail Envy underneath the Natural Nail Growth Stimulator but my nails didn’t seem to care much. They grew faster again (yay!) but also started to peel again (boo!).

Now I think that my nails don’t agree with an ingredient on the Qtica nail growth stimulator because it still damages my nails even over a thick or two coats of Nail Envy.

So here I am now looking at my slowly growing back nails which from now on will only be pampered with Nail Envy. No more experiments! I will continue using Nail Envy till maybe at some point my nails don’t agree with it anymore. I am so sorry guys that I had to take yet another blogging break but having peeling, badly broken nails made me so sad. I couldn’t even look at older swatches I wanted to show you because it hurt to just look at pictures with my former healthy and long nails. :(

Weeks after I stopped using the Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator my nails start to improve and they are growing back healthy now yay! I am about 1 mm away from my comfort length and I can’t wait!

But now finally back to something fun and pretty: nail polish! :)
BB Couture Dragon’s Breath is a nail polish I never thought I could get my hands on because it is already out of stock and not available for quite a while. It was always on my wishlist but then other nail polishes came in between till it was too late. If it wouldn’t be for the fabulous Kim of Overall Beauty I still wouldn’t have Dragon’s Breath. Thank you so much Kim! ♥ One of my best nail polish purchases this year because it fulfilled a long-term lemming and because it is just simply gorgeous. I am so glad I could buy the last Dragon’s Breath Kim had in stock. ♥

Let’s take a look at more pictures of this squishy dark ruby jelly packed with multi colored glitter:

BB Couture Dragon's Breath Dragons Breath swatch swatches
BB Couture Dragon's Breath Dragons Breath swatch swatches
BB Couture Dragon's Breath Dragons Breath swatch swatches

Isn’t Dragon’s Breath pure awesomesauce? Dragon’s Breath seems to contain silver, copper or gold and blue and maybe even red small square shaped glitter. And the squishy jelly base? So pretty.
The application was great. You need three coats for a more vampy look and if you are looking for a lighter ruby two coats look great too.

Availability BB Couture nail polishes
You can buy BB Couture nail polishes on for currently $9.95 USD a bottle. Kim (the ♥ and owner of Overall Beauty) ships international.
BB Couture seems to have an online store to on but they don’t ship international.
Sadly Dragon’s Breath is currently not available and because one ingredient seems to be missing it might take a while till it will come back.. if it comes back. :(

EDIT: Kim from Overall Beauty confirmed that Dragon’s Breath will come back yay!

Coats used
BB Couture – Dragon’s Breath: three
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Essence – Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer ♥
BB Couture nail polishes contain 15 ml.

With this manicure I am also wearing my favorite new top coat. I love Essie Good To Go and A England The Shield but with the Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer I found a new top coat love I am looking forward to use on a rotating basis with my other favs. The best about the new Essence fast drying top coat? It’s available in almost every drugstore here and sells for around 2 Euro.
It dries a bit slower than Seche Vite but wears much better on my nails. I still love to use Seche Vite for nail polishes with old formulas though.

Do you have Dragon’s Breath and love it as much as I do? I so hope it will come back soon because it seems to be one of BB Couture’s most famous nail polishes. It’s just so pretty and squishy. ♥

Thanks for looking and have a great week! ♥ :)

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  1. Ugh, I know what you mean! I hate to look at my nails now and see how short and peeling they are when they used to be sooo long and strong. My job right now won’t let me keep my nails (they break anyway) and they’re always in water. I hate it! /end rant

    Beautiful polish nonetheless!
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