Date: February 28th, 2012

A England – The Legends – Dragon: Swatches, Photos and Review

a england The Legends Dragon holo prismatic swatch swatches photos review

A England’s The Legends collection is such a stunning piece of art which makes choosing the next nail polish from it to wear quite difficult. :) Today – after a long decision process between Dragon and Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes) – I picked the beautiful moss green holographic/prismatic Dragon.

a england The Legends Dragon holo prismatic swatch swatches photos review
a england The Legends Dragon holo prismatic swatch swatches photos review
a england The Legends Dragon holo prismatic swatch swatches photos review
Availability a england nail polishes
You can purchase a england nail polishes directly from for £9 each and with free worldwide shipping. You can also purchase a england nail polishes on or
Coats used
A England – Dragon: two (was opaque with one coat)
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: a england – The Shield
A England nail polishes contain 13 ml.
Dragon was sent to me by A England for review consideration.

What a beautiful, beautiful moss green holographic/prismatic nail polish. Dragon was love at first sight and on my nails it did not disappoint. The application was a bliss and Dragon is a one coater – but I applied two coat out of a habit. The holographic effect is stronger than the subtle holo effect of Saint George but not as strong as in linear holographic nail polishes like in the China Glaze OMG collection.
What makes Dragon even more special besides its gorgeous moss green holographic base is the olive gold shimmer. Dragon is simply fantastic and a true beauty.

I have been using the Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer for months but for this manicure I picked A England The Shield as my top coat again. It is very close to the Essence top coat in consistency and drying time. I love it.
After I applied Dragon I noticed that I forgot to use the Gosh Fix Base coat this time. The holo effect might have been stronger with a coat of it. Next time. :)

Have you picked up any nail polishes from the A England The Legends collection yet? :)

Thanks for looking and have a great week! ♥

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65 thoughts on “A England – The Legends – Dragon: Swatches, Photos and Review

  1. Kate & Zena on said:

    This is beyond gorgeous! If moss greens looked good on me (they don’t. Not on my cool-toned skin. Emeralds, yes, moss…ich.), this puppy would be with me in a heart beat.

    Hell, it might be coming home anyway. It doesn’t look that mossy.

  2. So beautiful!! I have it and I still haven´t worn it. I just moved and I have all my nails broken for packing boxes, I think I´ll wait my hands look better to try it!

  3. This is just too gorgeous. I’m so glad I got this color. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail! I know I said this on twitter and someone else already mentioned it but your pictures always look amazing. I’m jealous!

    • Fingers crossed your nail mail will arrive very soon Sparkles Make Me Happy! :)

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