Date: March 3rd, 2012

Essence – A lovely Secret (86) from their new Colour & Go nail polishes: Swatches, Photos and Review and a little GFC update

Essence 86 A lovely Secret Colour & Go swatch swatches photos review nail polish lavender periwinkle

Every six months for either the Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter season both Essence and Catrice discontinue and add new products to their assortment. While it is always a little sad to see gorgeous colors go it is also nice to see the new products.
Essence added many gorgeous new Colour & Go nail polishes to their line and today I’d like to show you one of the two new Colour & Go nail polishes from their Spring/Summer 2012 assortment I picked up: A lovely Secret (86) – a gorgeous periwinkle with an unexpected look once it was on my nails.

Essence 86 A lovely Secret Colour & Go swatch swatches photos review nail polish lavender periwinkle
In direct halogen lighting
Essence 86 A lovely Secret Colour & Go swatch swatches photos review nail polish lavender periwinkle
Essence 86 A lovely Secret Colour & Go swatch swatches photos review nail polish lavender periwinkle
Availability Essence Colour & Go nail polishes
The Essence Colour & Go nail polishes are available at drugstores and department stores that sell Essence products in Europe. I sadly don’t know if all colors of the Colour & Go nail polishes will be available in the US too.
Coats used
Essence – 86 A lovely Secret: two (second coat thick)
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Essence – Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer
Essence Colour & Go nail polishes contain 5 ml and retail for 1,25€/1,29€ in Germany.

When I went to check out the new Essence assortment at my local drugstore for the first time I didn’t purchase A lovely Secret. I’ve had it in my hands but at first look it was “just” a periwinkle and I put it back in the display to maybe purchase it later. The colour³ double ended nail polishes looked much more interesting. The second time in front of the new products a few days later I took a closer look at A lovely Secret and noticed the pink/fuchsia shimmer. Now I had to purchase it! 😀

On the nails the small pink shimmer flecks sadly are much less visible in the periwinkle base but then A lovely Secret surprised me with a whole new look. Once it’s applied on the nails medium dark blurple shimmer shows up and give the nail polish a grainy look. Unexpected but very pretty. I am definitely glad I picked A lovely Secret up because it is not only gorgeous but also unique in my collection. The formula was a bit watery and sheer at the first coat but with a second thicker coat A lovely Secret was opaque.

Have you picked up any new products from the Essence Spring/Summer 2012 assortment yet and how do you like them if yes? :)

Now onto the GFC update
I’d like to thank everyone of you who commented on last nights test post ♥ to tell me if the test blog post showed up in the Blogger dashboard, Google Reader or other sources. There is so much confusion around the end of GFC for non-Blogger bloggers.

The GFC widget is for now still showing up and the connection between adding The Swatchaholic to your blogger dashboard to follow me still seems intact which could be because I was on blogger before and forward the connection to my selfhosted WordPress blog. Of course there is no guarantee that the GFC widget will continue to work in the long run because Google seems to want GFC users to use and follow via Google+ in the end.

Google suggests to send followers an email/newsdletter via GFC to inform about other options to follow but funnily the site to do so isn’t reachable. When I last checked my GFC admin panel a few weeks ago I still could access the GFC preferences via Back then in a left navigation you could administrate your blogs and for example change the url when you decided to buy your own domain or also email your followers. Now this site isn’t available anymore and you get redirected to a support site which says that GFC is retired and tells you how to still keep in contact with your followers or export the data. The funny (or disturbing) thing is that Google tells you to go to to do this and there you of course get redirected to the support site. It’s frustrating. If you are a blogger blogger can you still access your regular GFC admin panel or do you get redirected too?

It really seems that Google wants to get rid of GFC in general and not only for WordPress bloggers. For now you still can follow me via GFC because the widget itself still works though just to make sure the connection between blogger and WordPress works it might be best to manually add my url to your blogger dashboard again. In general we all as bloggers and followers need to consider following via alternatives like Facebook, Bloglovin, Hellocotton, NetworkedBlogs or email or to add blogs we want to follow manually to our blogger dashboard or Google Reader. If you like to follow me with other options the widgets and links are in my sidebar. ♥

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22 thoughts on “Essence – A lovely Secret (86) from their new Colour & Go nail polishes: Swatches, Photos and Review and a little GFC update

  1. beachgal on said:

    This is an amazing shade! Like another commenter said, I too love the darker ‘grains’ look in it. Texture without lumps of glitter is high in my like list. We don’t have any drugstores that carry Essence around me – but that’s not unusual as I live in a rural area and we are lucky to even see new collections of drugstore Revlon!

    Glad our input to your test post about GFC was helpful. I personally don’t like Google+ and won’t be signing up to use it.

  2. I have this one. It’s pretty. Essence actually released 4 of the colors at the same time as they did in Europe. ‎95 – Wanna be your Sunshine, 91 – Glamorous Life, 86 – A lovely Secret and Walk on Air.

    Makes me happy since I was worried that essence was going to pull out of the US market. But since they put these out at the same time I’m way more optimistic.
    Allibally recently posted..Cult Nails – Let Me FlyMy Profile

    • Wow and you have a blogger blog right Fingers? :( This is a really bad sign that sooner or later GFC might go for everyone when not even blogger bloggers can access the GFC admin panel anymore. :(

  3. Ooooh that shade is so pretty! The shimmer gives it such an interesting texture. I love Essence polishes. And I hope this GFC mumbo jumbo doesn’t end up taking your blog off of my dash. I’d have to stalk you everyday looking for new posts 😉 haha anywho, great swatches as always. :)
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