Date: March 9th, 2012

MaxFactor – Fantasy Fire over Revlon – Royal: Swatches, Photos, Review and a declaration of love

MaxFactor Fantasy Fire swatch Clarins 230 dupe Urban Decay Toxin

Even though the hype around MaxFactor Fantasy Fire just started it’s safe to say that Fantasy Fire is already one of the most popular nail polishes in 2012. Not only because it is a gorgeous nail polish but mostly because it is very close and an almost dupe for the long discontinued gems Clarins 230 and Urban Dexay Toxin. Sadly I don’t own Toxin but maybe one day. *le sigh* :(

But back to Fantasy Fire and why it’s sold out in stores most of the time. Fantasy Fire is not an exact dupe for both Clarins 230 and Urban Decay Toxin but it contains what makes Clarins 230 and Urban Decay Toxin so special and led to especially Clarins 230’s nickname unicorn pee: The multichrome shimmer which shifts from red to copper to gold to green and depending on the angle the light hits the nails even turquoise.

MaxFactor Fantasy Fire swatch Clarins 230 dupe Urban Decay Toxin
MaxFactor Fantasy Fire swatch Clarins 230 dupe Urban Decay Toxin
MaxFactor Fantasy Fire swatch Clarins 230 dupe Urban Decay Toxin
MaxFactor Fantasy Fire swatch Clarins 230 dupe Urban Decay Toxin
Availability MaxFactor Fantasy Fire
MaxFactor nail polishes are available at drugstores that sell MaxFactor products. Sadly Fantasy Fire is only available in the UK as far as I know though.
Coats used
Revlon – Royal: three
MaxFactor – Fantasy Fire: two
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Essence – Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer
MaxFactor Max Effect Mini nail polishes contain (sadly only) 5 ml.

There are a few differences between MaxFactor Fantasy Fire and Clarins 230. The base color of Clarins 230 is more sheer and also much less bright than the bright royal blue base of Fantasy Fire. Though Clarins 230 is already pretty old so the base color faded and I sadly don’t know how the base color looked when it was originally released.

The base color of MaxFactor Fantasy Fire is very close to Revlon Royal which is why I picked it as a base color. Because the bottle of Fantasy Fire is so tiny (5 ml) I didn’t wanted to apply too many coats of it to save every possible drop. With two coats of it I had the perfect amount of the multichrome shimmer on my nails. The multichrome shimmer of Fantasy Fire and Clarins 230 is very similar. In the bottle the shimmer of Clarins 230 looks a bit larger though but on the nails the shimmer of MaxFactor Fantasy Fire doesn’t look much different. The multichrome effect of Fantasy Fire is even stronger than Clarins 230’s though.

As if it is a rule for this unique multichrome shimmer all nail polishes with it are either long discontinued or hard to find. Clarins 230 and Urban Decay Toxin are long discontinued and MaxFactor Fantasy Fire is new and perm but only available in the UK. Another nail polish which contains this stunning multichrome shimmer is BeYu 209 (or Brilliant Shiraz) but it is only available in a few European countries including Germany. Only Nfu.Oh 51 is available in more countries but it also contains opal flakes.

Now if you want to get your hands on MaxFactor Fantasy Fire please don’t buy it for a ridiculously large amount of money on evilbay. Because it is only available in the UK it is hard to find but in this fantastic nail community you can rather try to ask a lovely fellow UK nail enthusiast if she or he would pick a bottle up for you and send it to you.

Have you got a bottle of this beauty and are you as much in love with it as I am? :)
Thank you so much Esther for helping me getting my paws on this beauty!

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend! ♥

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152 thoughts on “MaxFactor – Fantasy Fire over Revlon – Royal: Swatches, Photos, Review and a declaration of love

  1. Cosette on said:

    Hi I’m korean~^.^ I always enjoyed your posts. I want to buy Fantasy Fire, Sold in the UK alone?ㅠㅠ Is there any way that I can buy it?

  2. I bought Fantasy Fire today, its still available in the UK, if anyone is interested in swapping for OPI Crown me already I’d be happy to help out!

  3. I recently stumbled upon Nail Pattern Boldness brand and their Fantasy Fire/Clarins230 its called “Boop-oop-a-dupe” and its available on the Llarowe website. I tried it this weekend over 2 coats of Royal and it looks identical to your pics above. I meant to do a swatch to post on my blog this weekend but havent gotten around to it. If you are looking to preserve your Fantasy Fire but still have the awesome look that is an option you should check out!!

  4. Patricia OBrien on said:

    Hi Sara!
    I was wondering if you are still able to get a hold of fantasy fire? If so, can you email me? I live in the US.


  5. Patricia OBrien on said:

    Hi Sara, are you still able to get a hold of this polish?!?!? If so, can you drop me a line? I live in a US.


  6. I just returned from Romania (not usually a major destination for folks, I know), and found fantasy fire in several stores, including: DM and Sephora in Brasov. I even got it on sale in DM for some reason. The places I found it in always had several-Romanian women seem to wear more “traditional” nail polish colors, so it seemed to stay in stock. Hope that helps! Happy hunting!

  7. I would love to have that but I live in the U.S. , Sara I would buy it from you if you could get me one :(!

    • Hi Guys,

      I am in the UK and can get hold of this quite easily – let me know if you’re interested and we can arrange a swap or something. Just email me, k dot ashurst at hotmail dot co dot uk

      Kate x

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