Date: March 19th, 2012

China Glaze – Smoke and Ashes from Capitol Colours (The Hunger Games): Swatches, Photos and Review

China Glaze Hunger Games Smoke and Ashes Smoke & Ashes Capitol Colours swatch swatches review District 12 Mining nail blog nail polish blog

The China Glaze Capitol ColoursThe Hunger Games – collection must be one of the most anticipated collections from China Glaze this year. The books enthuse readers all around the globe and the screen adaption of the first Hunger Games book The Hunger Games is about to start at movie theaters. Today I have swatches of Smoke and Ashes – one of the in my opinion most popular colors of Capitol Colours and it contains one of my favorite nail polish ingredients: glass flecks. โ™ฅ

China Glaze Hunger Games Smoke and Ashes Smoke & Ashes Capitol Colours swatch swatches review District 12 Mining nail blog nail polish blog
China Glaze Hunger Games Smoke and Ashes Smoke & Ashes Capitol Colours swatch swatches review District 12 Mining nail blog nail polish blog
China Glaze Hunger Games Smoke and Ashes Smoke & Ashes Capitol Colours swatch swatches review District 12 Mining nail blog nail polish blog
Coats used
China Glaze – Smoke and Ashes: three (was opaque with two)
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Essence โ€“ Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer
China Glaze nail polishes contain 14 ml.
Smoke and Ashes was sent to me by China Glaze for review consideration.

In theory I must be head over heels in love with Smoke and Ashes. And theoretically I am. There are just these doubts that Smoke and Ashes has – even though it looks gorgeous – more potential.

Smoke and Ashes‘ black base is full of blue (hello Blk-Bila-Bong) and green (hai Glittering Garland) glass flecks which could not be better ingredients for a black glass fleck nail polish. But somehow when I looked at my nails while wearing Smoke and Ashes and then looking at the omnipresence of the glass flecks in the bottle I felt a bit disappointed. Not much because the blue and green glass flecks still look gorgeous on the nails but I wish they would have been even more visible. In some lighting they were much less visible than in the pictures.

The feeling that the glass flecks could or even should have been more visible enhanced when I removed Smoke and Ashes from my nails. Removing Smoke and Ashes was almost like removing a glitter nail polish. Once the black base was dissolved by the nail polish remover I had a thick coat of glass flecks on my nails. If the black base would have been a little less opaque Smoke and Ashes.. oooh the possibilities. It could have been the best black glass fleck China Glaze has ever released. Now due to its in my opinion a bit too opaque black base it ranks behind Blk-Bila-Bong and Glittering Garland.
Smoke and Ashes is still a gorgeous nail polish and a must have for glass fleck lovers though. It just could have been even more stunning than it already is.

The second Capitol Colours (The Hunger Games) nail polish I got a sample from is Hook and Line. I must confess I haven’t swatched it yet because I am a little afraid of its frost finish. I am not a huge fan of frosts and it does look like a frost fest in the bottle.

There are many more gorgeous nail polishes in the Capitol Colours collections and I have purchased Agro, Harvest Moon, Luxe and Lush and Riveting and I hope they will arrive soon. I can’t wait to wear Riveting! โ™ฅ

Have you purchased something from the Capitol Colours (The Hunger Games) collection yet and if yes which colors? :)

Thanks for looking and have a great week! โ™ฅ

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30 thoughts on “China Glaze – Smoke and Ashes from Capitol Colours (The Hunger Games): Swatches, Photos and Review

  1. This collection is very nice, I think! Lots of awesome colors. Not familiar with the book/movie though. I wonder is the movie any good?

  2. I love this one! It was opaque only in one coat for me, though my nails are quite a bit shorter than yours. I looked at the bottle of Smoke & Ashes and instantly thought of Blk-Bila-Bong as well, though I gave that and twenty or so other bottles to a friend to start her collection, haha! I’m sure you’ll lovelovelove Riveting, it’s definitely my favorite in the entire collection.
    Cryssi recently posted..May the odds be ever in your favor.My Profile

  3. Woman, everything looks so good on your nails! โ™ฅ I too wish the glass flecks would be more visible, though. Ah well, it’s a great base for an awesome layering. *hint hint* ^^
    AmyGrace recently posted..Glittering BlueMy Profile

  4. LolaLolitaLola on said:

    I’ve got S&A and I totally agree with you, in bottle it’s awesome but it could be better in nails! (Lubu Heels has the same effect however it works better than S&A…hummm….)

  5. I just ordered Smoke & Ashes, Stone Cold, Lush & Luxe, Agro, and Harvest Moon. I want Dress Me Up, but I figured I had already bought enough for now! BTW, I’ve been newly-bitten by the polish bug, and I am LOVING your blog. Thanks so much for the info & inspiration! :-)

    • Smoke and Ashes really looks pretty Bia. :) It could have been even more pretty but it’s gorgeous. And yes yes you do need to get some of the Capitol Colours! Riveting is a must have if you love oranges. :) I hope my ordered Capitol Colours’ will arrive soon!

  6. I got the whole set. Couldn’t help myself! :) I think my favorites are Fast Track and Stone Cold – the nude with golden glass flecks and graphite matte. I also love Electrify and Riveting.

    Yours are the best shots of Smoke and Ashes I’ve seen! I was rather disappointed with it on the nail. If frosts frighten you, don’t even try Hook & Line. I’ve never seen such a frosty, brushstroke-y polish.
    Pam R recently posted..Greens – $OPI Gleek OutMy Profile

    • Smoke and Ashes is a really pretty nail polish Wonderlustnails. :) It could have been much better but I like it.

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  7. Jeanette, I might have to ban your blog from my laptop cos I didn’t think I wanted any from the Hunger Games collection, but you might have made me really want this, and I don’t even own any China Glaze polishes either!! Pssst….only joking about the banning thing, I would miss you too much, haha ๐Ÿ˜€ xx
    Rebecca recently posted..Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed over Illamasqua SmashMy Profile

    • Rebecca, I might have been able to forgive you for banning me from your laptop but that you don’t any China Glaze nail polishes.. I need to ban you instead! ๐Ÿ˜€ Just kidding love! ๐Ÿ˜€ But seriously.. you need some China Glaze in your life! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I had the same experience when I removed it! I do love it though, it’s gorgeous, but I agree – it could be SO much more gorgeous!
    Beautiful pics, I found it so hard to capture the flecks myself xoxo
    Jai recently posted..bloglovinMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Jai! :) Yes the glass flecks were really hard to capture. In direct halogen lighting which usually shows much more shimmer they were less visible than in indirect lighting. :(

  9. How come yours looks more awesome than mine? LOL
    This was the first one I bought and I felt the same. I wanted those flecks to pop. At times, I just felt like I was wearing a regular ol’ black nail polish. I still like it, though. I also have Riveting, Luxe and Lush, Stone Cold, and Electrify. I’m planning to wear Electrify to the movie this weekend ;D
    Nik recently posted..Storage IssuesMy Profile

    • The lighting of my lightbox squeezed every possible glass fleck out of the black base it could Nik. ๐Ÿ˜€ When I looked at my nails at my desk at work they were less visible and also suprisingly under direct halogen light they didn’t pop like I expected them to. Multiple light sources helped making them show up more though. :)

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