Date: March 26th, 2012

Hits Speciallità – Héstia from the No Olimpo collection: Swatches, Photos and Review

Hits No Olimpo Héstia Hestia swatch holo holographic lavender

Next to pastels holographic/prismatic nail polishes scream Spring to me. In sunshine a holo nail polish like Hits Hestia from the No Olimpo collection transforms to an explosion, a rainbow full of colors and the more hours of sunshine the more time we have to stare at the gorgeous holographic/prismatic effect on our nails. 😀

Sadly there aren’t many brands which are releasing holographic – especially linear holographic – nail polishes at the moment. Do you remember the good old OPI DS holos and the holos from the China Glaze OMG collection? Good times.
With the No Olimpo collection by Hits Speciallità there finally is a new line of linear holographic nail polishes out there to make us nail polish enthusiasts happy. :)

Hits No Olimpo Héstia Hestia swatch holo holographic lavender
Hits No Olimpo Héstia Hestia swatch holo holographic lavender
Hits No Olimpo Héstia Hestia swatch holo holographic lavender
Availability Hits Speciallità No Olimpo nail polishes
You can purchase Hits No Olimpo nail polishes directly from their website for R$8,00 each. I am not sure if they ship to every country but they do ship international. You can also purchase Hits No Olimpo nail polishes on
Coats used
Hits – Hestia: three (thin coats)
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: INM – Out The Door
Hits No Olimpo nail polishes contain 6 ml.
Hestia was sent to me by Hits for review consideration.

It is possible to stop staring at my nails while wearing Hits Hestia? No. 😀 At least in sunshine it is simply impossible to not look at my nails and admire the linear holographic effect of Hestia.

The formula of Hestia was good. It was easy to apply and I had no issues with the brush. It needed three coats for full coverage though. Based on the smell Hits nail polishes don’t seem to be 3free though because I noticed the familiar smell of toluene while applying Hestia.

For me it is almost impossible to not love a holo nail polish and Hits Hestia from the No Olimpo collection makes no exception. I adore the strong linear holographic/prismatic effect. The base color of Hestia is somewhere between lavender and mauve with even a bit of pink in it so also the base color is perfect for Spring. :)
In the center of my nails Hestia looks as if it also contains shimmer but I am not sure if these are only the holographic particles which don’t show their holographic effect due to the angle the light hits them or if it is real shimmer. Nonetheless I love the overall look of this beauty. The only bummer about Hits nail polishes is their size. 6 ml isn’t much. :(

Have you purchased something from the Hits No Olimpo collection and if yes which colors? :)

Thanks for looking and have a great week! ♥

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38 thoughts on “Hits Speciallità – Héstia from the No Olimpo collection: Swatches, Photos and Review

  1. Sharon on said:

    @ Stephanie:
    A linear holographic nail polish displays a rainbow along the length of the nail, thus linear. You can clearly see this linear holographic effect in the pictures of this HITS No. Olimpo polish.

    The other type of holographic polish, a scattered holographic, shows rainbow sparkles over the entire surface of the nail more or less equally when light hits it.

    Almost everyone knows the China Glaze OMG and Kaleidoscope collections. The OMG collection is linear holographic, while the Kaleidoscope collection is scattered holographic. I have a couple of polishes from each of those in my stash. 😀

  2. stephanie on said:

    I’m somewhat new to your blog and the nail community, so I’m hoping you can answer a question for me. What makes a polish a linear holograph as opposed to a regular holograph?

    Thanks so much! You have a great site!

    • Hello Stephanie and welcome to my blog and the wonderful nail community! :)

      Sharon’s description is spot on! On a linear holographic nail polishes you can see almost sharp lines between the colors of the color spectrum the holographic particles divide the light in. On a scattered or subtle holographic nail polish the lines disappear. :)

    • Yes Hestia is truly stunning Miriam. :) I wore it for two weeks which is kind of a record for me. I had no time to do a new manicure but I also didn’t wanted to take it off. :)

  3. All the nail polishes from Hits, No Olimpo collection are very holographic, I have some and I’m also very impressed (in a positive way) with them.
    Layla also launched recently a collection of holographic nail polishes, they are very good also.


  4. Fe Carletti on said:

    This colection is very beatiful, i have Apolo, its a deep blue holo, Ares it is red and 3 Hefesto, this is a holo top cot, so this i buy 3 botle, is very beatiful, and as brazilian girl i feel very proud!

  5. beachgal on said:

    Your photos are more amazing than most others. You have a real talent. I am in love with all the HITS – hoping that we get more outlets for them coming to the US.

    • Thank you so so much beachgal! *blushes* I hope Hits will make it to more stores soon. It’s such an amazing brand but at least they ship international and Leah Ann sells them too. :)

  6. Your swatches are always gorgeous! I love these holographic polishes and need to get some in my collection. Right now, I have a holographic topcoat on my nails and I can’t stop staring at them. If I had an honest to goodness holo like your spectacular Hits No Olimpo, I may never look away from my nails.
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