Date: May 22nd, 2012

Layering: Lynnderella – Ruby Red Ruby over A England – Avalon

Layering A England Avalon Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby swatch swatches aengland glitter purple red

Lynnderella nail mail is one of the best nail mail you can receive in my most biased Lynnderella nail polish loving opinion. 😀

When I received my order from the first Lynnderella wishlist rotation last week I actually squeed. Dozens of layering ideas were floating in my mind and the one I am showing you today is the one I had to try first.
Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby is such a stunning, vibrant red glitter in a slightly red tinted base. There is so much red glitter deliciousness in it. Large square and hex glitter, medium sized hex glitter, small sized hex glitter and probably much more. At first I wanted to layer Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby over a black or red but then I knew what the perfect base for Ruby Red Ruby would be: A England Avalon.

Layering A England Avalon Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby swatch swatches aengland glitter purple red

A England Avalon is a breathtaking and vibrant purple. In general red and purple combined can be an almost too bold contrast but here they look beautiful together. Ruby Red Ruby and Avalon are so vivid together that they almost make my eyes hurt while staring at my nails. 😀

Layering A England Avalon Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby swatch swatches aengland glitter purple red
Layering A England Avalon Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby swatch swatches aengland glitter purple red
Availability A England nail polishes
You can purchase A England nail polishes directly from for £9 each and with free worldwide shipping. You can also purchase A England nail polishes on or
Availability Lynnderella nail polishes
You can purchase Lynnderella nail polishes from Because Lynnderella nail polishes are handmade and because of the high demand you can only purchase them with the wishlist system. When a new wishlist rotation starts everyone who registered for llarowe Email Updates will receive an email with an Excel file which then needs to be filled with the Lynnderella order and sent back. As soon as the wishlist is closed orders will be fulfilled with an alphabetical system.
At some occasions a part of the Lynnderella stock might also be added directly to the llarowe store but as far as I know when won’t be announced.
Coats used
A England – Avalon: two
Lynnderella – Ruby Red Ruby: one
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: A England – The Shield: three coats
A England nail polishes contain 13 ml.
Avalon was sent to me by A England for review consideration.

Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby is packed with red glitter and one coat is enough to have a perfect amount of glitter for a layering on the nails. Ruby Red Ruby – because of the high density of glitter – is a top coat eater though. I applied three coats of A England The Shield over the layering and I still can feel a few bumps which I don’t mind though. The Shield is one of my favorite top coats but it is also thin so with Seche Vite two coats would have the same effect. I am running low on Seche Vite though so I used my also beloved The Shield. :)

Have you received your wishlist order too lately or are you planning to order with the next one? I still have a few I’d love to order and I am also curious about the new Lynnderella collection so I am looking forward to the next wishlist rotation. :)

Thanks for looking and have a great week! ♥

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69 thoughts on “Layering: Lynnderella – Ruby Red Ruby over A England – Avalon

  1. Please take a break from painting your nails, or better paint fake nails and stick on. All of these chemicals are aborbed by the nails and then affect the body in many ways inc suppressing the immune system. It’s no coincidence you dip your nails in goodness knows what chemicals (nail polishes don’t put their ingredients on their bottles, there’s at least 3 nasty toxins you should avoid but how can you tell?!) and have experiences like this. Please do listen. As an avid nail painter I now only paint fake nails and use adhesive stickers.

  2. What an amazingly lush combination! The red and purple are amazing together, each a seriously rich polish on its own but somehow not competing with each other for attention…which is pretty astounding, considering the incredible variety and coverage of the bold, red glitter. Totally gorgeous!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Saran Wrap Manicure: SilverstoneMy Profile

    • I am wearing a lot of top coat in these pictures Kelly which makes them look thicker than usual.
      In general glitter is a top coat eater. :(
      My nails are (without help) naturally thin and peel but with OPI Nail Envy they are thicker and healthy. :)

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