Date: July 22nd, 2012

OPI Black Spotted over OPI Ali’s Big Break and why I was away

OPI Black Spotted swatch swatches OPI Ali's Big Break Alis Big Break swatch Spiderman Spider-Man Burlesque

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I have been away for this long and I am grateful for each and every one of you who kept checking back for updates and also for keeping in touch with me especially on twitter and Instagram.

What happened?
I sadly had two bad colds almost in a row with not even two weeks inbetween to recover. Both colds lasted for more than two weeks each and wouldn’t go away without the help of antibiotics which I really hate to take. The cough of my second cold was so painful – I have never had such pain from a cold. The second round of antibiotics was also quite strong. :(
After being sick for so long I definitely learned my lesson to give my body the time it needs to recover.
When I finally was feeling better again I decided to take a little break to give my body the much needed rest after work and on the weekend for a few weeks but now I am back. I hope I haven’t disappointed you with being away for so long. My love for nail polish is as strong as ever (my wallet can tell – it suffered from hauls in the last weeks.. oh boy) and I am beyond happy to post again.
Thank you so so much again for reading my blog and commenting. I will catch up with and answer your comments from the last weeks in the next days. ♥

But now back to the wonderful world of nail polishes. OPI Black Spotted is the effect nail polish of 2012 for me. It was released in France as part of the The Amazing Spider-Man collection and if I remember correcly from my lovely twitter-pals it was spotted (puny!) in The Netherlands as well. Sadly there are no signs of it here in Germany.
After many, many of us are crackled out Black Spotted is a much welcome breath of fresh (nail polish fumes soaked) air. :)

OPI Black Spotted swatch swatches OPI Ali's Big Break Alis Big Break swatch Spiderman Spider-Man Burlesque
OPI Black Spotted swatch swatches OPI Ali's Big Break Alis Big Break swatch Spiderman Spider-Man Burlesque
Availability OPI Black Spotted
Sadly OPI Black Spotted was only available in very few countries (for example France) as part of the The Amazing Spider-Man collection. It wasn’t available in the US and I have also not seen it in Germany.
Coats used
OPI – Black Spotted: one (very thin)
OPI – Ali’s Big Break: two
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Essence – Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer: two coats

OPI Black Spotted I love thee. I wish and hope OPI will release more Spotted colors in the future and also release them in all countries. I don’t now why Black Spotted wasn’t released in more countries – there are rumors that an ingredient in it makes it impossible to be sold in more countries but I don’t know if this is true. Have you heard more?

As gorgeous as OPI Black Spotted is it also is a little diva. The application is tricky. Your base nail polish must be completely dry and you only have to apply a very thin coat of it. As a cherry on top you also have to apply it very carefully to avoid clean-up because Black Spotted is quite unimpressed by acetone or any other nail polish remover. Of course when you remove the entire manicure it is not a problem because the nail polish remover then dissolves the base nail polish and you wipe Black Spotted away with it. However when you try to clean Black Spotted up with a brush dipped in nail polish remover or even pure acetone it won’t dissolve but turn into rubber-like particles which you then have to slowly wipe away. No fun let me tell you.

With all its difficulties I still love Black Spotted. I am grateful that the lovely Sam of Fashion Polish CPed one bottle for me. It is worth every cent.

Could you get your paws on a bottle of Black Spotted and do you love it too?

Thanks for looking and have a great week! ♥

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72 thoughts on “OPI Black Spotted over OPI Ali’s Big Break and why I was away

  1. Hi! I love your blog… <3 Black Spotted is a french exclusivity, that's why it is impossible to find it in other countries, except if you have a lovely french friend! See ya!

  2. Glad you’re back and feeling better! I know how you feel. This was the second winter in a row I was sick all winter. We actually had air quality testing done in the house to see if I was having some sort of reaction to something that was impairing my immune system. A cold that never ends is just so draining!
    This manicure is fierce! I love it! I didn’t think I’d like Spotted but that looks great. Wish I hadn’t seen it to start the lemming…LOL
    Perilously Pale recently posted..Makeup Wars ~ My Favorite Summer LippieMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Christa! :)
      I’ve had a never ending cold two winters ago and it was horrible too. I am sorry you had such horrible colds as well. :(

      Oops! Sorry about creating a new lemming! 😀

  3. beachgal on said:

    Looks fab over Ali’s Big Break – a shade that is sleeping in my collection…now only if as you said, OPI ends up releasing Spotted into further circulation. If they don’t, you know another company will figure out the formula and take the market by storm…how lucky you are to have a bottle of the coveted Spotted. I would use this in #’s of colors if it comes out where as I HATED the shatters/crackles and don’t wear them.

  4. Oh wow! I actually really like how you are wearing Black Spotted…I was unimpressed with swatches I’ve seen so far but this is win! Still not gonna buy it for the dangerous ingredients though…I heard it’s found in gasoline…so it’s like putting gasoline on your nails :/

    • Thank you so much Sandi! :)
      When I think of the chemicals in even 3 free nail polishes and especially in nail polish remover.. they aren’t candy either so I am ok with Black Spotted. Like if you are ok with using a fast drying top coat which contains Toluene using Black Spotted can’t be more dangerous, right? But I am not a chemist. :)

  5. You really do have the best pictures, the lighting is always perfect, you can see the polishes and details so well, its quite rediculous! but in a good way 😀
    I am loving this and will need to look into the spotted because it’s gorgeous especially over that sparkly red! Love it!!
    amanda (mae) recently posted..EOTD 16- Purple (and new purchases) :)My Profile

  6. Molly on said:

    I’m sorry to hear you got so sick. :( I remember asking about your ‘colds’ on twitter. I’m glad you got some well needed rest and are feeling better.
    I swear you have some of the BEST nail porn pics online… 😉

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