Date: October 7th, 2013

piCture pOlish Imperial – my collaboration shade (yay!): Swatches and Review and.. where have I been?

piCture pOlish Imperial swatch collaboration The Swatchaholic

Hi everyone! :)
Where the heck have I been? Before I explain where I have been hiding let me introduce you to my piCture pOlish collaboration shade Imperial! This beauty has been in the making since January and I have been waiting since this day for the launch and now the day is here yay!

When piCture pOlish asked me if I would like to make a collaboration shade with them the name Imperial immediately came to my mind. I wanted to create a rich purple nail polish which would also be a bit decadent in terms of the multiple shimmers used with even more sparkles on top. In my mind the base color purple was accompanied by lots of blue and pink shimmer and gold sparkles. During the development we also added the one and only piCture pOlish signature multisize holographic sparkles and a gorgeous fluro/neon purple pigment in the mix. ♥

piCture pOlish Imperial wouldn’t be a true imperial diva if it wouldn’t also show a little attitude. Due to the neon purple pigment it is impossible to photograph 100% color correct but I have done my best to show you Imperial as true to life as possible. These first pictures are taken under strong direct lighting which makes the fluro/neon purple pigment more active. I also have pictures of Imperial in indirect lighting at the end of this post to show how it looks indoors or outdoors when the sky is cloudy. Also due to the shimmerglitterandneonpalooza Imperial needs a bit of shaking before you apply it.

piCture pOlish Imperial swatch collaboration The Swatchaholic

piCture pOlish Imperial is so much fun to look at and I am not just saying this because I am biased with my baby. 😀
The slightly neon puple base, the holo shimmer, the blue/pink iridescent glass flecks or the gold glitter – I can’t tell which part of Imperial I love the most. ♥

piCture pOlish Imperial swatch collaboration The Swatchaholic

In this close-up you can see the fluro/neon purple pigment which is especially active here because I took this picture very close to my lamp.

In indirect lighting
piCture pOlish Imperial swatch collaboration The Swatchaholic

This is how piCture pOlish Imperial looks when you are not outside in the sun or in a room with strong halogen lighting. The neon pigment is less active and it looks a bit darker.

piCture pOlish Imperial swatch collaboration The Swatchaholic
piCture pOlish Imperial summed up 😀
piCture pOlish Imperial swatch collaboration The Swatchaholic

Due to the neon pigment Imperial dries down semi matte. In all pictures I am wearing one layer of a fast drying top coat to make it shiny and because I am too impatient to wait for my nail polish to dry. 😀

Availability piCture pOlish Imperial
You can purchase piCture pOlish Imperial directly from piCture pOlish for AUD$12.00 or from their international network.
I am not sure when the network members will receive Imperial but as soon as I know I will edit this post and post the news on Twitter and Facebook.
Coats used
piCture pOlish – Imperial: three (is opaque with two)
Base coat and top coat
Base coat: OPI – Nail Envy Matte
Top Coat: Lacura Beauty (Aldi Süd in Germany) – Quick Gloss Top Coat
Imperial was sent to me by piCture pOlish for review. No need to consider here because it is my own collaboration shade. 😛

I am so so happy that I could make my own collaboration shade with piCture pOlish and I hope that you will love it too. ♥

Now.. where have I been. Phew.. let’s start with the beginnig of my hiatus. My best friend visited me in March (we sadly can’t see each other often) and I didn’t have any posts for the break prepared so my blog went silent during the visit and after she was gone I realized that I haven’t really missed blogging and decided to take a break. I lost my blogging mojo and enjoyed a lot of non-blogging related things since I went on the hiatus.
I spent my time after work not with swatching or preparing posts but with relaxing, watching a dvd (got sucked into True Blood and Revenge) or purchased more cocktail equipment than nail polishes (this is more due to me being more than ever allergic to red wine). Also because I only really can swatch collections on the weekend which then would take the entire weekend I wasn’t sure anymore if this really is the path I wanted to continue on. I never could post daily or even every two days and it always frustrated me that I pressured myself to post more. When the fun in blogging is so low that I have to force me to blog something has to change. But how could I continue? I had no real answer so I waited to blog again until I have one. Until I know how and how often I can and would love to blog.

My solution now is trying not to be pressured about having to blog but to enjoy blogging every now and then and to focus more on my NOTDs or some simple nail art like gradients (I miss those!) but no weekly swatchathons. I might swatch a collection every now and then but the focus of my blog will be elsewhere. Especially since I have seen how many untrieds I actually have when I moved some nail polishes that were standing in my living room to my bedroom where my nail polishes are stored. No more purchasing entire collections anymore just to swatch them. Period. You should have seen the sad faces of all the untrieds. :(

Now I have to hurry because my best friend is visiting me again today and should arrive in three hours :o!

Oh but before I vaccum once more, pick a Yankee Candle tart (I am hoarding these lately like there is no tomorrow) to melt and prepare my kitchen for a cocktail session and my wallet for the damage that will be done this week: you might have noticed that I changed my picture setup a bit. I was kind of tired of the black background but the main reason I changed it to white is because my nails are so curved that the black background always enhanced this – especially with cremes. This often made the nail polishes look too dark around the edges of my nails. Now I only need to buy a second lamp to have a better control of the white background and I will be a happy blogger again.

Thanks for looking and have a great week and if have read the entire novel.. thank you :D!

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54 thoughts on “piCture pOlish Imperial – my collaboration shade (yay!): Swatches and Review and.. where have I been?

  1. Howaaaaaaaaaaa I’ve been missed this post since I was out!!
    Congratulations for your dream-comes-true shade, it’s so unique and
    obviously GORGEOUS!!
    I haven’t updated my wishlist for long time but I really must add this in <333
    Chiro recently posted..Blog Sale!!My Profile

  2. Better to have you back just for a little, than not at all. And I so understand you, I feel the same way often, but my urge to blog luckily returns pretty quickly again, its just become a part of my life I guess :) But I am really looking forward to some what regular posts from you again <3
    rijaH recently posted..Nye farver fra Herôme WIC – swatchesMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Maria! *squishes* ♥
      Right now I am really feeling the blogging mojo as well. Fingers crossed it lasts because when it doesn’t become stressful it really is fun. :)

  3. I read the whole thing. 😀 And I totally understand everything you said. I wasn’t blogging that much but I felt this constant pressure like, “it’s been x amount of days since my last post…” *stress* That’s not how it should be. I even stopped painting my nails for almost a year because my slump got so bad (and my stash is in the 3000’s approximately…I stopped counting, yikes.). I still have untrieds guilt though I am trying to work through that. :/

    I wanted to say that no matter how often or how little you post, I will always read your posts. They go to my email so I never miss one. 😀 I am always happy to see a post from you whether it is once a month or once a year. I will always follow your posts because they are so beautiful, so inspirational, and always give me a smile.

    Congratulations on Imperial! WOW!!! Truly, so beautiful. I know it is going to be even more glow-y in real life! This one is a must have for me. I love purples and sparkles and the entire inspiration behind the color. The name reminds me of when I was studying the history of different dyes for cloth and purple was the one that really captured my imagination. You’ve probably already read this but I’ll still post it here just in case you wanted to read about “Tyrian Purple”/”Royal Purple”/”Imperial Purple”:

    So cool! Again, thank you for this masterpiece! I am so excited to get Imperial! 😀

    • Congratulations Lily! 😀 Thank you for reading the entire post! :)
      We get stressed so easily, right? I always told myself don’t be stressed, this is your hobby, your passion. Blog whenever you want but then if I couldn’t post more than once a week or even less I felt so much stress and pressure. I must admit that it already stresses me a bit that my newest post from yesterday is almost three weeks after this post. But I need to let go and just enjoy posting when I have time and something pretty to show you guys. :)

      Yes the Tyrian purple which is called Purpur here also inspired me while creating Imperial. :) In real life it glows even more yes! Especially in brighter light and indoors with less light it is a bit darker and less glow-y. I am so so happy how Imperial turned out. ♥

  4. I absolutely LOVE every single aspect of thsi polish! I think this might be my fave Picture Polish so far – well from the pictures, ’cause they are too expensive for me to splurge on, mainly because of the shipping.. I now know which Picture Polish should be my first to try, should I have the moeny at one point..

    I understand you want to cut down on swatching and trying to post too often and all that – I have never been able to do that myself either.. It’s your blog, you decide what you wanna do with it 😉

    • Thank you so much Swååfie! :)
      Yes the shipping from the US increased a while ago sadly. :( I always try to order more than one nail polish if I order from llarowe or Harlow & Co for example to save on shipping. :) Maybe this would be an option especially if you would for example make a group order?

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