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Date: February 20th, 2013

NailNation 3000 Eve #403 .. or hai gorgeous blue holo with a twist ♥

Oh NailNation 3000 Eve #403 I love you. ♥ My love for holographic nail polishes no secret and I strongly believe in that owning enough holos is impossible. That we are now seeing more holographic nail polishes released by mainstream …

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Date: January 16th, 2013

YSL La Laque Couture Première Neige over piCture pOlish Cosmos – oh my! ♥

Can you take away awesome if you put more awesome on top of it? This was the question when I first thought about layering YSL Première Neige on top of my much beloved and adored piCture pOlish Cosmos. Would it …

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Date: January 2nd, 2013

piCture pOlish Cosmos – the nail polish that became my 2012 favorite seconds after it arrived ♥

It has been so long. In the last months of 2012 I have been sadly so stressed that I couldn’t find enough time to blog and share my NOTDs and swatches with you on here but more on that later. …

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Date: October 21st, 2012

For Mary and her mum Voola: Layering with Ninja Polish Alexandrite and OPI Absolutely Alice over OPI Russian Navy #endpancancer

This is for you, Mary, and your mum Voola. On October October 10th Mary’s mum Voola died of pancreatic cancer after battling it for 18 months. Mary is a kind and wonderful fellow blogger and Twitter friend and today’s layering …

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Date: December 6th, 2011

NOTD: OPI – Russian Navy or why we should give core nail polishes more love ♥

With every new month, every new week there are new nail polish collections coming out which is always a pleasure to satisfy the inner nail polish addict. Though with new nail polishes every week I tend to wear newer additions …

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