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Date: November 14th, 2013

NailNation 3000 Amaze-Ballz: probably the hottest pink holo out there ♥

NailNation 3000 holos are insane, in a good way. 😀 One of the best examples of how amazing and stunning Maria’s holographic nail polishes are is Amaze-Ballz. NailNation 3000 Amaze-Ballz is indeed amazeballs because the hot pink pase is so …

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Date: February 20th, 2013

NailNation 3000 Eve #403 .. or hai gorgeous blue holo with a twist ♥

Oh NailNation 3000 Eve #403 I love you. ♥ My love for holographic nail polishes no secret and I strongly believe in that owning enough holos is impossible. That we are now seeing more holographic nail polishes released by mainstream …

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