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Date: February 1st, 2010

p2 – Private Color Party nail polishes: Swatches and Review

Swatch time! 😀 I still can’t get over the fact that nail polishes that are available here at German drugstores contain opal flakes. OPAL FLAKES! Unfortunately these nail polishes are limited edition and if thats not even bad enough drugstores …

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Date: January 30th, 2010

p2 – Private Color Party: haul of the nail polishes aka I haz opal flakes!

I never thought that this would happen.. ever! A european brand that is available at German drugstores releases nail polishes with opal flakes? 😮 Am I dreaming? I must be! 😀 When I walked into my local dm drugstore today …

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Date: January 20th, 2010

NOTD: Maybelline – Shimmer Girl (top coat 25) over Nfu.Oh manicure

When I saw this picture of Maybelline’s colorama top coat called Shimmer Girl on Steph’s Closet I was mesmerized. Wow.. hello breathtaking opal flakes! Of course the next visit to my local drugstore was a huge letdown because they don’t …

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Date: January 14th, 2010

NOTD: Nfu.Oh – 51 over Nubar – Sapphire

It is here! *squees* Nfu.Oh 51 is here! Sitting right next to me and looking at me! ♥ With the help of a very dear friend I could get my paws on it today and it is even more stunning …

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